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Procedures & Expectations

No description

Ashley Henderson

on 14 August 2013

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Transcript of Procedures & Expectations

Class Procedures & Practice
Student Materials
Pick up your buckets and journals.
You may use anything in the bucket.
Need materials? Ask 3 friends first.
Still need materials? Raise your hand.
Emergency Situations & Drills
Remain calm.
Be quiet and listen for teacher directions.
Follow El Monte protocol for any emergency situation.
Why Procedures?!
Procedures help us work TOGETHER efficiently.
Be on time!
Anyone who is tardy must sign in.
After two or more tardies in one week we will contact your parents.
Entering the Classroom
Line up outside of the door and wait for instructions.
Once inside, put backpacks along the wall.
You will have two minutes to get ALL materials ready.
Begin your warm-up activity before the timer goes off.
Exiting the Classroom
Remember, the bell does not dismiss you- your teacher does.
Clean up your area and leave it the way you found it.
Pick up backpack
Stand behind your chair until dismissed.
Expectations & Consequences
1st step: Warning
2nd step: 10 minutes detention at lunch
3rd step: Call home
4th step: Conversation with administration
Teacher Materials
Some materials are just for teacher use.
There will be random binder checks! Be prepared.
Electronic Devices
Follow El Monte electronics policy.
Devices will remain in your backpacks on the wall.
If your device is seen during class:
1st time: Warning
2nd time: Confiscation
Technology will be used as a class and with teacher supervision.
Procedures are FAIR for everyone.
Procedures save TIME.
Procedures keep us SAFE.
Restroom Breaks
You will receive one sheet of restroom tickets per quarter.
Raise your hand to be dismissed.
I will initial your sheet.
Take the sheet with you as a hall pass.
Unused tickets can be turned in for extra credit at the end of the quarter!
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