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Internet Language

No description

Rochella Duijs

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Internet Language

Internet language What exactly is Tumblr? Tumblr language Fandom language Breaking the 4th wall What do you think it means? Shipping Tumblr created an own language What do you think it means? Tumblr created an own language Canon A ship that's canon What do you think it means? Tumblr created an own language OTP A lot of people have a ship that's their OTP What do you think it means? Keyboard smashing The way of talking online The overusing of the caps lock Some people type like this when they just feel ‘normal’.


And then you’ve got the people who liKE TO BUILD UP THE EXCITEMENT. Which to be honest neVER REALLY MAKES SENSE. They just reallY LIKE HOW IT LOOKS. Do you notice you actUALLY START RAISING YOUR VOICE. 1st step 2012 2nd step Last step Start The abbreviation and smiley quiz What emoticon is the less than three? It's the heart
<3 What does the abbreviation TMI stand for? Too much information What are kawaii emoticons? History of internet language
and why do we use it? MySpace MSN Facebook Laziness Secret language Because other words simply didn't exist yet Differint kinds of internet slang Letter homophones Leet
(1337) Emoticon and smileys Twitter Dictionary Kawaii stands for cute
The emoticons are usually more realistic looking than the 'standard' smileys.
An example What does the abbreviation IDK stand for? I don't know What does the abbreviation ICYMI stand for? In case you missed it
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