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bob irwin

on 24 March 2013

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Transcript of NASCAR

How it all got started NASCAR is one of Americas greatest sporting events. It all started when men back in the 1920's where making moonshine and they needed to get away from the police. Their solution making very fast cars to outrun the police. Some men started bragging that there car was faster than anyone else. So they decided to have a race to see who was faster. Eventually they called it NASCAR. The Race Track The tracks that the drivers race on are about 2 miles long. They are slanted at a 30 degree angle to make going around a corner easier. They have huge trucks that blow the track to make them super dry, otherwise they drivers will lose traction and crash. Goodyear Tires Goodyear is the only supplier of NASCAR for tires. The tires used in NASCAR are called slicks. That means that they are flat instead of tires with treads in them to keep traction. Slicks don't have much traction but they go much faster than normal tires. Safety Safety has come a long way in NASCAR. Now all drivers have 5 star seat belts, and roll bars in every car. In all the walls of the racetracks are padding, this is for extra cushioning when they hit the wall. The Cars The cars start out with a frame, then they get 30 templates of metal sheets for the body. The engine of a stock car is quite a big one. Its a V8 that produces up to 750 horse power! That is almost three times as much as a normal car. Bibliography http://www.racecar-engineering.com/articles/nascar/goodyear-prepares-for-the-daytona-500/



http://www.nascar.com/en_us/sprint-cup-series/generation-6-car.html Questions? The history of NASCAR was started when bootleggers tried to outrun the police. In order to do this, they needed super fast cars. So, they decided to make their cars better by adding better engines and more features in order to further improve their cars. Eventually, men started bragging that their car was the fastest, so they decided to have a race. This event is now called NASCAR. How it all got started The tracks are vital in NASCAR. When you are driving at 200mph you want a good driving surface. The tracks are slanted at a 30 degree angle to make going around a corner easier. They also have big trucks with blowers on the back to clean the tracks. All this adds together to make one great race track. Bibliography How it works One of the first NASCARs By: Landon Wood The engine used in the cars is quite a big one. This engine is a V8 engine producing 750 horsepower! Thats quite a lot. The engineers of the cars have made an engine that is both fast and light at the same time. That is pretty hard to do. The engine Questions? Questions? Questions?
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