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Plot diagram: All Summer in a Day

No description

Elizabeth K.

on 26 September 2014

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Transcript of Plot diagram: All Summer in a Day

Plot diagram
By: Elizabeth Krajan
Rising Action
1. Kids are waiting for the rain to stop
I believe the climax of the story is when the sun finally came out after seven years of rain. The children had doubted the coming of the sun but indeed, it had appeared like the scientist had predicted which made them fill with joy and happiness.
Falling Action
To me, I don't believe that this story has a true resolution besides the fact that Margot was taken out of the closet. The kids made her miss the chance of seeing the sun on Venus and now they all have to wait another 7 years.
In Venus

Everyone is waiting for the sun to come out.

Margot, William, School kids

All summer in a day
By: Ray Bradbury

Protagonist vs Antagonist
I think the theme of the story was to not bully or judge others no matter how different they are. People should learn how to accept others even if they don't "qualify" to their needs. Even if people think they're alike with someone, in reality however, nobody is alike. We're all different. Those who believe they are alike, don't want to be confronted by one who isn't understanding their current situation and in other words, they're jealous.
The kids are jealous of how Margot had been in earth and could feel the sun everyday while she was there. Them, whatsoever, couldn't. They were in denial of Margot remembering the sun when they can't remember a single thing about it and of course, that had frustrated them.

Margot vs William
Margot was just a girl who was different from the others. She wasn't the same as them. While the kids were playing in the underground tunnels, Margot wouldn't participate with them. Because of that, and knowing more about the sun, she had gained unnecessary enemies.

William acted as if he was a leader. He was a bad leader however. He made the kids turn against Margot because she was different while everyone else was "alike". Not to mention, he along, with the others, were green as envy of Margot. He was the cause of Margot's undesired enemies.
2. Margot is getting anxious and excited
3. William, being the bully he is, begins to tease Margot.
4. Kids begin to follow William as he goes to lock Margot inside the closet.
5. The rain stops and the teacher lets them all out.
1. As the children play, they come to a stop as one shows them a drop of rain in her palm.
2. Rain begins to pour down and thunder roars as the children run inside.
3. They realize that Margot was still inside of the closet.
4. Guilt soon begins to devour each of the children as they felt shameful of their action to Margot.
Title: All Summer in a Day

Genre: Science Fiction

Point of View: 3rd Person
Personal Connection
A personal connection that I have is that a friend of mine had been bullied before which caused her to get frustrated and scared. Bullying isn't something that just happens one day and you're good the next, it can be continuous and it really just drives you insane. There are also many techniques to hurt someone both mentally and physically which gets them over the edge.
Doing an action like bullying isn't a thing that a person should be proud of. In fact, a person can get into HUGE amount of trouble for doing that. Police can also get involved into such a crime committed. Think about it. Take a bigger stand in bullying. Speak up.

Facts about bullying:
Nearly 30% of students are bullies or victims of being bullied.
About 160,000 kids stay home from school of having a fear of it.
Suicide is the third leading cause of death resulting in about 4,400 deaths per year

Character Traits of:
William, the antagonist
William criticizes Margot for being the person she is and make the other kids turn on her as well.
He locks Margot in a closet without giving her a choice. William forcefully puts her in and leaves her.

Williams tells Margot that nothing special was going to happen the day the sun would appear. He makes sure that the others begin to agree with him as well.
Likes to order people around especially Margot. He doesn't treat her like the others.
Person vs Person-
Margot had to deal with William bullying her and taking control of her because she was frail.
Person vs Society-
Margot had to face the society of her judgemental classmates. She knew that their "society" didn't like her.
Person vs Nature-
The children were waiting for the rain to stop after the 7 years of downpour. Every 7 years the sun came out but between the days of those years, each of them were filled with rain.
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