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No description

Nazar Ivanchenko

on 20 March 2016

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Transcript of Clo

Shoppong has been changing for years.
Some years ago people used to do their shopping at market places.I should say it was rather uncomfortable.
There wasn't such a great varioty of clothes as we have today.Customers used to queue.Clothing is made from many materials, such as cotton, wool, or polyester fabrics and leather.
Some of the most popular fashions are classic, they can stand the test of time and hardly ever "go out of style".Fashion can also be influenced by world events such as war or the economy.
During World War II, luxurious fabrics like wool, silk and nylon were highly regulated and women's skirts and dresses were often made of viscose and rayon.
The 1980s is the start of another evolution in children's clothing. Small boys during this decade wore outfits such as a suit with a bright blue top that has red sleeves with logo on chest, along with pants to match. Other children's outfits worn during this time include girls' dresses in blue and white, with vest-shaped top and gathered short skirt.
Women who worked during World War II wore military style shirts that had button-up collars.
Casual clothing that was significant of the 1980s included denim blue jeans, often worn with a matching jean jacket. Punk fashion in the 1980s for men included.
In the 1990s blue jeans were also very popular, but unlike the 1980s, bell-bottoms, wider-legged and baggy pants were in style. Black polo neck sweaters were popular in the year 1995, as well as two-piece wool striped suits with small collar and narrow ankle-length trousers.
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