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The Outsiders - Heroes

No description

Aaqib Mujtaba

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of The Outsiders - Heroes

Heroes Aaqib Mujtaba 86 What is a hero? A person who performs courageous and
noble acts for the benefits of others. Heroes in "The Outsiders" Ponyboy Curtis
Johnny Cade
Dallas Winston
Darrel Curtis
Sodapop Curtis Ponyboy Curtis Ponyboy was also considered a hero because he had saved several children who were trapped inside a burning church. Thus performing a very noble deed by risking his life. The burning church that
Ponyboy rescued the kids from Ponyboy was the main character of the novel. Ponyboy was a hero due to many reasons. One of the reasons being the fact that Ponyboy was very supportive of his friends and even others and that's why he was different than the rest of The Greasers, he was compassionate and educated. In fact he was always there for his friend Johnny. Johnny's foster parents had not supported him and that's why Ponyboy was always there for him. For that reason, Ponyboy was a hero because he showed compassion for others and that's what separated him from the "hoods" Ponyboy and Johhny Johnny Cade Johnny was Ponyboy's dearest friend. Johnny was considered a hero because similar to Ponyboy's kindness to him, he was also very kind to him. Johnny really cared for Ponyboy and always supported him. That's why Johnny is considered a hero Further, Johnny accompanied Ponyboy when
saving children from the burning church. Additionally, after saving the kids, the roof was about to fall on Ponyboy and Johnny but, Johnny pushed Ponyboy out to save him from major injuries. Hence, Johnny is a true hero as well. Johnny and Ponyboy in the burning church Dallas Winston Dally was more heroic than he appeared. Dally
was really compassionate towards Johnny. Johnny was like a little brother for Dally and Dally really cared for him. That's what made him a hero because as a sign of his support, when the church was burning and the roof was about to fall, Dally pulled Johnny out and injured himself to protect him. Therefore, Dally was a hero and he displayed that when he saved Johnny. Dally and Johnny Darrel Curtis Darry played a very major role in the story. Darry seemed very cold to Ponyboy but, that was only because he was protecting Ponyboy from harm. Darry was strict and he didn't want Ponyboy to get hurt. That's why Darry was a hero, he was a hero because he supported his brothers and sacrificed his career to be successful for the benefit of his brothers. Hence, Darry was a real hero and he displayed that attribute by sacrificing his career for the benefits of his brothers. Darry, Ponyboy, and Johnny Sodapop Curtis Soda acted quite similarly to Ponyboy as Johnny. Soda was one of the only people Pony could go to when he was feeling down. Soda was always there supporting his brother and he also helped Pony realize that Darry really cared for him. Moreover, towards the end, Soda finally explained to Darry and Pony that their fighting had to stop and that's when it did. Hence, Soda was a hero and he really supported his brothers. Sodapop and his brothers embracing Conclusion Heroes can be everywhere. Heroes are people
that choose to perform good deeds for the
benefit of others. Thus, Ponyboy, Johnny,
Dally, Darry, and Soda are the 5 main heroes
in the Greasers.
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