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C2- Reinvestment project

Conflicts in the Outsiders

david baresic

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of C2- Reinvestment project

Thank you <3 Hope you Ponyboy vs. Darry Character Character Types of Conflicts Real My perspective Darry = Hard to Pony Pony = He thinks Darry dosen't love him Conflict 2. Darry cries in hospital = shows the love to Pony 1. Pony finnaly comes to his home town after all the crazy events. 1. Trial for Ponyboy = NON-guilty 2. The Curtis brothers would hug and
they would cry = Show the <3 3 reasons or examples 1. Johnny already wanted to turn themselves in = Going to trial 2. Ponyboy didn't help or kill Bob, and Cherry would confest that the Socs were drunk = Non guilty 3. Darry and Pony loved each other, but they didn't show it. = By hugging and crying = Love Johnny vs. anger Character self Conflict Real My perspective Johnny kills BOB Resolved Resolved in a way (BOB was the one who left marks on
Johnny's face) Johnny is angry = Socs and his parents 3 arguments or examples 1. Johnny tried suicides = From all the stress and anger 1. Johnny had all the characteristic people that wanna suicide have = depressive, no one loves him... 2.He told Pony he coudn't take no more. Socials vs. Greasers Character Character Conflict Greasers are the opponents of Socs = They don't like each other one bit 2. He dosen't die. He gets handicaped 3. Handicap = His parents and the Socs start to visit him at the hospital and they like him. They become friends. 3. His parents would stop fighting and the Socs would have respect for him vs Real Not resolved 1. Both gangs never became allies 2. They will always hate each other My perspective 3 exemples or arguments 1. They would arrange a Rumble 2. No one would start the fight = No fight 3. Both gang would understand they are very similar human beings 1. Randy won't participate = they will question why? If they should do the same? (at the rumble) 2. When Johnny was badly hurt = must have thought if it was their fought. 3. All good story or movie have a good ending = this should be the ending. (Greasy long hair is Greasers trademark) BOB Johnny Johnny
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