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No description

D.J. Aikens

on 19 December 2013

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Authors Purpose
Manley seems to me as muscular and manly that can just force his will onto people and get what he wants.
Objective Summary
The author chose the topic good country people because when you hear that you see humble people, and good spirited that you would think would do no wrong to there fellow man.
Manley played the role or a bad person in the god guy look. In Joys life he got her to trust and love then he crushed all of that in one clean sweep making her probably never trust again.
The theme of this story is deception, because through out the story they talked of how simple people can be and how good country people act. Then at the end a girl is tricked into trusting for the first time and is quickly made look foolish for doing it.
Mrs.Freeman & Hopewell
Their names to me symbolize that you are always free, and through every bad situation there is still some hope that it will get better.
The short story "Good Country People" is based during the 1950s. There are four main characters. Hugla (Joy), Mrs. Hopewell, Mrs. Freeman, & "Manley Pointer" . This is a story of deception, love, and simplicity; where a one legged woman is tricked into trusting for the first time and is deceived by a basic stranger.
If the story were set in a different time period the story would be very different Manley would have never gotten that close to Joy, and the trust level would never have been so high because people in this day in age don't trust easily. The characters would probably have a different dialogue judging by what time period you place the story in. I feel the theme would have changed to maybe not deception but the trust issues
Theme Change
Joy through the story went from being mean and quiet to nice sweet and loving. She even did things that she had never done before, and got into some trouble throughout the story.
This shows the change in he personality in Hugla you see a mean ugly girl with who doesn't trust, but in Joy you see happy and smiling and flowers.
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