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FCC Rules 16-20


Lily Palacios

on 10 February 2010

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Transcript of FCC Rules 16-20

¡Las FCC Rules 16, 17, 18, 19, & 20! ¡REGLA 16!
- Who must file ownership reports and when must changes be filed?
Stations owned by legal entities must file an electronic ownership report with the FCC on these three ocations:
When filling a renewal apllication for the stations licence ( Licence renewals are filed every seven years)
Every two years on the anniversary date of the required renewal application filing
Any time ownership is affecte, which can be changes in corporate officers or board director officers, a new ownership report must be filed within THIRTY days.

¡REGLA 17!
What are the FCC'S EEO rules, and what in the world is EEO?
- EEO = Equal Employment Opportunity!
The FCC's rules prohibit all broadcasters from discriminating employees or possible employees. Stations that employ five or more full time employees who work 30+ hours a week, the rules say they mush accomplish THREE recritment and outreach "prongs" each year. ¿QUE SON "prongs"?
Prong uno - Mandates wide dissemination of information on each full time job vacancy.
Prong dos - Requires station to provide notice of each full time vacancy to requirement organizations
Prong tres -Requires stations to complete additional, non job-specific outreach initiatives.
What else?
Broadcasters are required to retain in their files certain information about their EEO practices and their recruitment and interviewing process for each vacancy. Reports must be posted in the PUBLIC INSPECTION FILE and on the STATION WEBSITE each year, on the aniversary of the day the station license renewals would be filed with the FCC!

¡REGLA 18!
- The FCC requires stations to make lists on a quarterly basis that describe community issues addressed by the station, and which set forth specific programming which treated those issues. The report must be placed in the station's files by the 10TH day of the month follow the completition of a quarter. This list must be kept in the PUBLIC INSPECTION FILE until after the stations next renewal application!
¡REGLA 19!
What indicating instruments are stations required to have?
- Each station must have certain indicating instruments (like meters) that allow technicians to determine power output and other parameters. If one of these instruments breaks (¡Ay no!), the station may operate for 60 days without it. After that, you gotta tell the FCC. ¡REGLA 20!
What is the legal variation of a station's
power output?
90% - 105%! POWER OUTPUT MUST BE KEPT IN THIS RANGE! Ms. Brooks had to fire Mr. Frazee because repeatedly kept forgetting to turn up the volume on the headphones. What are the three "prongs" that Ms. Brooks must complete if she wants to fill the job vacancy? While working the board,Ashton accidentally got mad and punched one of the reading meters, which broke into little pieces. How many days may KEOM opperate without the meter before it has to contact the FCC? The power meters at KEOM are reporting a power output of 135% ¡Ay Dios mio! What are the limits the power output should meet? Some guy called in to KEOM to report some "issues" that he had with the station. The issues were treated of course. By when does the quarterly issues/program report need to be placed in the station's files? La ultima pregunta...
Who must file ownership reports and when must changes be filed?
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