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lates better than never

WW2 combat in Europe

fez cardoza

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of lates better than never

by lukas fontanilla, Fez cardoza, and israel herrera world war 2 combat in Europe weapons vehicles in WW2 the use of vehicles was more common than it had been since WW1
the use of planes was more relevant than before due to it's ability to bomb the snot out of other countries, have an eye in the sky, and led to fights in the sky "dog fights".
tanks weren't used just for ramming things in front of their way, now they were able to fire devastating blows to it's oponents with it's large cannon and were known to being bullet-proof
war fighting strategies Herman's used a new to of fighting called blitzkrieg and involved the new use of planes and was proven to be successful until they went to the soviet union
British constantly bombarded german cities and were also getting bombed by the germans
Soviets were using the scorched earth policy which basically means that they let the nazis conquer some places so they would go deeper into soviet union until the winter begins and they begin to attack since they can handle the cold better the nazis did and proved it in Stalingrad.

rules in combat after WW1 ended the Geneva convention was called in and basically made the rules of war and excluded the use of many things like tear gas and many others and seemed to work due to lesser number of casualties by the end of WW2 than in WW1.
during WW2 the weapons used were more advanced and powerful than the ones used in WW1'
the new machine gun were much lighter and more devastating than the ones used before
guns were in planes which caused more damage to cities and lead to "dog fights" with the enemy
tanks, unlike the ones in WW1, had weapons installed and were used more during WW2
smoke bombs and grenades were still used and made more safe to usein WW2
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