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Joy of Dance

Staff Presentation

on 23 July 2013

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Transcript of Joy of Dance

Starts Today
Our New Logo
Our Website
You Get Me Campaign
Private Classes
Believe in it
Want it
Want them
Get excited
All hands on deck
Be part of it
Own it
Be responsible
Keys to Success
You Get Me is about:
Breaking down the barriers
Engagement and connection
Attracting non–dancers, dancers from other genres, or, dancers wanting to up their game.
Feeling special and cared for
Giving someone the edge
Pushing at the right time
Celebrating achievements
Dancing them
Get out of the way. Let the dance take over.

"You Get Me." The best teacher who gives you the best of themselves and truly understands you.
Above all - it's about creating the match that says – You Get Me
Passion is the concentrated essence of the dance culture,
larger than life, hot-button, and key driver to choice and behavior.
It’s the passions that define us. Do you know theirs?
Feel special – not like a $ figure
Personal attention from teachers
Seeing progression
Without public comparison to others
Avoid feeling embarrassed at all costs
Having the edge
Expense and value for money
Choices made easy; selection can be confusing
Privates are for old people (anyone over 25)
What Drives
Their Choices?
The Push & Pull of It

It’s not just about ballroom
And people over 40
It’s about going beyond
Not limiting our thinking
By present beliefs
Let us break down the barriers
It’s about people
All ages
All backgrounds
All stages
All dance styles
Step 2 - Teacher Info
Step 1 - Insights
Step 4 - Ready, Set,
Step 3 - Cross Training
Step 5 - Launch
By never
Authenticity &
Student Experience
How We Do It
It Starts
With Them
Start a profile/bio
Dance preference
What is unique about you
Ideal student
What We Need From You
Our Students
• How to get the edge on your dance audition
• How to shine at a dance competition
• How to prepare for your ballet/ballroom exam
• 10 tips on learning how to dance Hip Hop
• Top 10 questions about ballroom dancing
• How to put together a great wedding dance
• Help! I can’t dance.
• What do you do when >>>>>
• Could Figure Skaters benefit from private dance classes
• Private dance classes for athletes
• How to feel confident in your dancing
• How to bring out your inner diva in your dancing
• How to prepare for your dance performance
• What is the benefit of private dance classes versus group classes?
Going Beyond
All About People
You Get Me
Annie’s love of competitive sports and physical fitness progressed into dancing and competition up until the age of 12 when she chose dance over sports. For Annie, Ballroom and Latin dance was the perfect mix of movement and exercise. The physicality of it challenged her competitive drive to always push to learn and do it better. Then she fell in love with the emotional side of ballroom dance and how it could tell a story expressed between two people. Annie loves teaching dance, particularly beginners. The communication between pupil and teacher is rich and sacrosanct. The joy of seeing a student progress is a personal sense of achievement and unabashed delight when they get it. Annie loves the diversity of people and helping them reach their dance goals. She is unstoppable and brings her curiosity, analytical mind, grace, technique and experience to each student.
Specialties: Teaching and progressing beginners in American styles and technique
Certifications: American Bronze
Type of Client: Any person who wants to give it their best
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