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5.6 Decision Making

Life Management Skills V10

Prezi Performer

on 20 June 2013

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Transcript of 5.6 Decision Making

5.6 Decision Making
By: Lew Sterling Jr.

1. List three life decisions that you made that have changed your life in some way.
When I accepted Christ.

When I became a youth bowler.

When I got accept to School for Advanced Studies.
Choose one and write two paragraphs about it.
It was the winter of my freshman where two friends, who were sophomores at my school, told me about another school that they and one other sophomore are going to next year. It was called School for Advanced Studies, or SAS for short. After that day, I looked up SAS and found some cool information about it. I looked up the requirements, the GPA minimum, the classes that they offer, etc. Then, during the fall of my sophomore year, I got an acceptance letter to SAS.

During the first orientation, they talked about the school, the requirements, the ratio of males and females in SAS, etc. One of my favorite reasons is that you take college classes in the morning and high school classed in the afternoon while still being a high school student. Me and two other students got an acceptance letter to SAS. The other two didn't want to go to the school. One passed the PERT test, one of the requirements of the school, but didn't want to go. The other didn't want to because of his sport, although the sport was swimming. So, I was the only one from my school who is going to SAS.
Decision Making
3. List three events in your life that you did not have any control over that changed your life in some way.
Read the case scenarios located at the “case scenario” link on the activity page. Choose one of the six case scenarios and using the decision making process, explain what you would do.
You work at the salad bar in a restaurant; your coworkers are your very good friends. They refuse to wear gloves, and they do not wash their hands even after using the bathroom. Your family eats there regularly. What do you do?
Choose one and write two paragraphs about it.
It was in the 7th grade in private school. It was computer class during the 2nd quarter of the school year. The teacher wanted us to create an email. He then showed up how to create and the purposes of emails. So, after we created the emails, the next day or week, the whole class had to do an assignment on creating a blog.

After we created the email and the blog I was like, "Huh, that's basically it?" Then, in 7th and 8th grade, I didn't really use it. Then, My freshman year in high school, I used it more because I can send assignments to my teachers easier than printing from home every night or print out the assignments during class. During the middle of my sophomore year of high school, I started using the blog again. As of now, my had over 2700 viewers from all over the world, and it is still going strong. My blog is mostly riddles, and it is lbrooklyn99.blogspot.com. I also use my email for contacting my classmates; when ever they need help after school or so, they can email me and I can help them out easier.
Decision Making Quotes
Informed decision-making comes from a long tradition of guessing and then blaming others for inadequate results. -Scott Adams

If a decision-making process is flawed and dysfunctional, decisions will go awry. -Carly Fiorina

“The greatest accomplishment began as a decision once made and often a difficult one.” - Michael Rawls

Never bring the problem solving stage into the decision making stage. Otherwise, you surrender yourself to the problem rather than the solution. -Robert H. Schuller
The 6-step Decision Making Process
Identify the decision to be made.
The restaurant where I work is where my family enjoy eating there. It is the same place where my friends, who are also my co-workers, don't wash their hands after using the bathroom.
List all possible options and alternatives.
Tell my boss.
Tell my family.
Evaluate each of the options and alternatives.
Tell my boss = someone might get fired
they (the co-workers/friends) have to wear gloves
Tell my family = they won't eat here anymore
Choose the best option.
Tell my family is better because they are the ones eating it.
Act on your decision.
I tell my family about my co-workers and how they don't wash their hands after using the bathroom, then serve you all the food.
Evaluate your outcomes.
My family doesn't eat at the restaurant anymore.
Explain how using the 6 step Decision Making sequence above helps aid in wise decision making.
By using the 6-step decision making, it helps you solve problems easier and even faster. In some term, based of science, this 6-step decision-making sequence is like the scientific method. Here are the six steps and their explanations and their purposes.
Identify the decision to be made:
This first step is basically "what is the problem here that they are giving us/me"?
List all possible options and alternatives:
This one looks for ideas that can be solved towards the given problem.
Evaluate each of the options and alternatives:
Test each variable (idea) mentally (in your head) on "what if".
Note: "What if's" are "what if I do this...." or "what would happen if I do.......instead of....."?
Choose the best option:
Come to a conclusion on what is your favorite and/or best idea to work on.
Act on your decision:
Experiment on your best decision and do it for real.
Evaluate your outcomes:
The last one is basically the conclusion of the entire process.

Additional information about people not washing their hands:
Coming to Miami.

Using Photoshop.

Creating an email.
If you wondering why the "I Am Not A Robot" picture in the last slide, then.......
Robots are operated by people. That means that other people tell robots what to do; making that not the robot's decision-making.

If you have read my 7.5 Teen Pregnancy project, then you would know this this song because it was the background music to that presentation. If you haven't, then read the lyrics of this songs.
The song is called "Robot" by Trip Lee.
Made by:
Lew Sterling Jr.

What is your decision?
P.S. If you are about to play this song, then mute the background music by going to the bottom left of the page and click the speaker. Click the speaker after the song is over.
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