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Product Presentation

No description

Vikrant Mirchandani

on 20 October 2012

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Transcript of Product Presentation

8X optical zoom
Easy to use
Manual focus
Comes with a mini tripod
16 degree viewing angle
Great product at a great price
Holder case for iPhone 4
Established in 2004 in London UK, activisys Ltd. is the preferred value added distributor and one of the leading suppliers of world renowned state of the art products and services in the Middle East & Africa (MEA) region.

As individuals and as a group, the Activisys team commitment provides vital continuity in guiding the company and ensures alignment of all elements of activisys business (values, purpose, vision, mission & strategy). activisys… Who we are activisys… Who we are Middle East & Africa… What we do… Vision To ensure quality, timely and cost effective
outcomes and complete customer satisfaction
are achieved through our commitment, state
of the art products and services, global
Sourcing and strong local presence. Mission Our Purpose
To contribute and share in the technological and business advancements in the Middle East & Africa (MEA) region.

To become the preferred value added
Distributor and number one supplier of choice
of world renowned innovative products and
services in the Middle East & Africa (MEA). Product Category Projector's Home Multi Media Projector's 800x600 native resolution,
Support 1920x1080 full resolution
2000 Lumens brightness
HDMI,VGA, AV, USB, and SD card input Activisys "Technology With A Pulse..." Brillante 2 DLP Multimedia Projector Brillante 3- iphone 4 Projector Activisys "Technology With A Pulse..." RGB three colors, the useful life of LED more than 20,000 hours.
15 ANSI lumen
FLB3-F DLP OPTICS ENGINE Iphone Projectors Activisys "Technology With A Pulse..." Brillante 4- Mobile Projector HD RGB three-color,service life: 10,000 hours.
DLP Lens
100 ANSI lumen
Support HDMI signal input Home Multi Media Players Full high definition 1080P support.
Comes with built-in SD, MMC, MC, USB reader.
Ethernet and USB WiFi support.
NAS support (network attached storage)
Subtitles support (SRT, SSA, SMI, IDX+SUB, TXT (External); TS, MKV(Internal)) Activisys "Technology With A Pulse..." Elite 1 - Network HD Media Player 1TB Android 4.0
1GB Ram
Built in Wifi
1080p support
HDD Bay (up to 3TB) Activisys "Technology With A Pulse..." Elite 2- Android 4.0 Media Player 1 TB Activisys "Technology With A Pulse..." Built-in Wifi - no dongle needed
1080P Full HD playback Support
3D movie playback
SD/MMC card reader
8GB built-in flash memory
Support external HDD drive (not included) up to 2TB Elite 3- Android Media Player 8GB Apple Accessories 4mm
Thick Activisys "Technology With A Pulse..." Ultra-thin design
Light weight and practical
Aluminum Apple style keyboard
Hand-made leatherette
14 hot keys for additional convenience Universal Bluetooth Keyboard- For Tablets Air mouse function
Net searching control
Media player control
PPT presentation control
PC volume control
2.4G 30m distance range
Plug & Play
Compatible with IPhone IOS4.3 or above Activisys "Technology With A Pulse..." iPresenter Wireless- for iPhone / iPad Activisys "Technology With A Pulse..." 8X Optical Zoom Lens - For iPhone Innovative Products Chic design cell phone watch
Genuine leather strap
1.8 inch touchscreen
Quadband GSM
Built in camera
MP3 player, MP4 player
Bluetooth Function Activisys "Technology With A Pulse..." Time Phone Activisys "Technology With A Pulse..." Cinema Glasses High quality 72 inch virtual screen
Suitable for playing video games, watching movies, listening to music, browsing photos, reading e-books and more!
Display movies, photos, e-book formats supported
4 GB internal memory
Supports TF card
Supports up to 32 Gb Activisys "Technology With A Pulse..." Xtreme Sports Waterproof Camera - 1080P Full HD Top-of-the-line 1080P HD action camcorder
Waterproof IP68
Motorbike action camera, ATV extreme camera
1.5 inch preview screen
HDMI output and TV out
TV out/Mic in
Built-in Mic We will assist you in training your sales staff to become product professionals via Training Seminars, WEBCASTS and other online resources TRAINING & SUPPORT Our dedicated team of sales coordinators and Account executives are there to service your buying team needs, keeping them posted on new products, stock updates and all important information to keep logistics smooth. ORDERS & DELIVERIES THANK YOU
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