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Delicious: Never lose a link again

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Chelsey Strohmeyer

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of Delicious: Never lose a link again

Delicious: Never lose a link again.
How to save a link!
On the left hand side, in the navigation panel, click + Add Link. Copy and paste the url of the desired website, article or app. If it is on the Delicious website itself, all you have to do is click save!
Sign up!
You can create an account by linking your Twitter, Facebook or Google+ account! Don't have one of those? No worries, you can join with just your e-mail address!

You just need a name, e-mail address, user name and a password you can remember!
What is Delicious?
Delicious is a website designed to help you never lose your favorite links, apps, or articles. You can search key words across the web or with your friends! Keep track of your links. Know you found the perfect cookie recipe, but don't remember which recipe website it was? Search your saved links with the keyword and find it in seconds!
How to find a link?
Go to the search box and type in what you're looking for! Search Delicious by using #tagname, @username, key workds http:// or You can also use your favorite search engine!

Group 5
Chelsey Strohmeyer
Melanie Demko
Shelby Kuchynka
Friends Share!
By adding friends to your list, whenever you search a topic it also will look for similar ideas on your friends' links!
To find a friend you can search their name or their user name if you have it! This is a great way to share information with those who have similar interests!
How a 21st Century Teacher Can Use it
This is a great tool for teachers to keep all of their websites they use together. It is an easy way to keep your favorites organized. You can access your favorites any where you have an internet connection or even on the mobile app. You can even share information easily with other teachers and students. This would be a great tool to use for students doing a group research project together.
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