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fantasia barrino

ceecee jones

on 14 May 2010

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Transcript of powerpoint

Double click anywhere & add an idea fantasia was born june 30,1984. She was born in North Carolina.
she is a songwriter and an amazing singer
she started of being the winner of
AMERICAN IDOL!! fantasia's first album was i believe.but she wasnt just an singer.she had serious acting skills. she stared in a lifetime movie about her life.she also played a role in a color puple.she recently has a reality tv show..called "fantasia for real"
Fantasia is a strong African-american women.she has been through alot to get where she is now.she suffered from self-esteem issues,was raped at Andrews high where she attened school until dropping out.Fantasia also had at baby girl at 16,who she still has today
M Can you read or write? some can't.Fantasia couldnt.
but in 2005 she had a tutor so she can read and write.
fastasia want to be able to teach her daughter to read and write.
but that was in 2005.now fantasia is pursing her GED. fantasia started singing when she was 5 yrs old. at her church in north carolina.fantasia and her family alson had a gosple group. and they toured on the southeat. COOL THINGS ABOUT FANTASIA Fantsia has been on the red carpet before
but i bet you knew that cause it normal for stars.
she also has cool tatoos on her foot up her let and on her back This may seem a little odd
but since fantasia became famous
she always had unique styles this is one
thing i like about her another unique thing about fantasia is that
her voice had a little rasp in it her voice sounds like a voice for gosple...and it sounds amazing FANTASIA
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