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The Giver & The City of Ember

No description

David Koen

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of The Giver & The City of Ember

The City of Ember

Jeanne DuPrau By: David Koen z Setting The setting of “The Giver” is a world where pain, war, and emotion cease to exist. All people's fate in this civilization is decided by the Chief elder. Birth mothers play the role of bearing children and never seeing them again. The children then proceed to the Nurturing Center where they are put in a family unit. When they get to be too old to work, they are “released." The rumors say many things mostly consisting of good outcomes, however, those who are released are killed in secrecy. Setting A boy named Jonas, who lives in this bizarre, "perfect" society, is chosen to inherit memories of the world before, when there was war/sickness/etc. Only Jonas and the man known as The Giver, who gives him these memories, know of the past. Once Jonas knows of the past, he hates the society he lives in, and leaves. Plot Characters Jonas: Jonas is the 11 year old boy who receives the memories and escapes the city.
The Giver: The Giver is like the community's data bank for memories that only he can give.
Jonas's Father: Jonas's father nurtures children untill the ceremony of naming.
Jonas's Mother: Jonas's mom is an average woman who works an important position in the department of justice.
Lily: Lily is the seven year old sister of Jonas, always talking and never knowing when to keep her mouth shut.
Gabriel: Gabriel is the newborn child that Jonas and his family take care of at night. The only way Gabriel can sleep is through memories that Jonas gives him at night.
Asher: Asher is Jonas's best friend.
Larissa: Larissa is an elderly woman that Jonas takes care of and talks to. Characters Plot Setting The Giver

Lois Lowry Rating: The Giver is such a different and bizarre book that allowed me, at least, to imagine an entirely different world from the one we live in today. Due to the excellent imagery and detail, this book gets a 10. Like in the giver, the people of Ember live in a world where their fate is chosen at random. However, in this city, there is not much time left before the city loses light and is forever lost. If i cant visualize through the book i am reading i lose interest fast. However, in this book every line i red i could see the city these people lived in, the weak dying gold of the lights raining over everything, the never ending darkness surrounding the community. I give this book an over all 10. Rating Rating Theme Theme The main theme of The Giver is the impact of memory/history. One thing I can't seem to forget is a quote from Winston Churchill. "History is written by the victors." In reality, this is just the truth. Whoever comes out alive is the one to tell the story and make the rules. Jonas is the only one besides the giver who actually knows this history. With this knowledge, his eyes open and he sees truth. With this truth he changes everything. Like I said before, "History is written by the victors." In this case, Jonas is the victor who re-writes history. Conflict Conflict When Jonas learns of the past his emotional awareness causes him to rebel against his civilization, the same one that once gave people the opportunity to chose their own fate, but had now put restrictions on the freedom of choice. He knew he couldn't live in such a place and had to act. This is the conflict. I combined this book talk because these two books are so alike yet so unique from one another. In the City of Ember, Lina and Doon live in a city on the edge of life and death due to the generator and lights being close to death themselves. These two don't try to change their society or leave it perminantly, but instead save it from extinction by breaking the laws it upholds to find a way out. In The Giver, Jonas does nearly the same. He not only tries to escape his city, but tries to save it from itself. He is the only person alive besides the giver that feels pain and emotions and sees everything for what it is. He tries to save his society by opening the eyes of the people in it. Jonas and Lina are alike in the way that they see there cities for what they really are and stand up to save them. These books, while so different, are so similar. Compare Contrast This story moves forward 245 years after the City of Embers creation(45 years after the cities people were supposed to leave). The town is running out of supplies and the massive generator that provides the light and power for the city is on its last breaths. At a graduation ceremony where young people are assigned their jobs, Lina Mayfleet is assigned the job of “Pipeworks Laborer," while Doon Harrow gets “Messenger.” Both are unhappy and decide to switch jobs. While rummaging at home after the ceremony, Lina finds an old piece of paper she was able to save from inside a box. She had no idea, but it was a special box passed from mayor to mayor through all 245 years. However, people referred to these past mayors as the "believers." They believe that the Builders would come back and guide the citizens of Ember out of the city. Lina attempts to decipher the letter, but her little sister, Poppy, chewed on it and the letter had rips and holes everywhere. Finally, she asks Doon and other friends to help her reconstruct the letter. After many failures they realized that it was instructions from the builders on how to exit the city. Doon and Lina then proceeded to explore the tunnels in the pipe works, trying to find the exit. Eventually, they found an underground river where they discovered boats meant to be used by the community. They then went on a wild boat ride and when the boat finally stoped, they found an old journal explaining the history of Ember. The Builders decided to protect 100 adults and 100 children to ensure that the human race would survive. After they found the journal they were faced with a very steep climb that took hours, but when they reached the top they discovered the outside world. Lina: Lina is the 12 year old orphan and the main character of the story.
Doon: Doon is Lina's best friend and her accomplice through the story.
Poppy: Lina's little sister. Main Main The setting of The City of Ember is an underground city that all of mankind has been living in for well over 200 years. The theme of the City of Ember is to never give up no matter what. Doon and Lina were determined to figure out why the lights kept on turning off and why there was lack of food. This led them to success. Well the city was supposed to last for only 200 years. 200 years have already passed, so their city is basically dying. Then, Lina, the main character, finds the instructions on how to escape from the city safely, but the instructions are all mixed up so she can't understand them. This is the conflict of the book. However, with the help of her friend, Doon, they find out how to understand what the instructions say so that they can inform everyone about how to leave the city. The writing style of The Giver was actually very straight forward and "Tells it how it is." The writing style of The City of Ember is like, barely surviving is the norm. It has a very scarce, dull style. Very interesting.
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