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Smart home project

No description

Sophie Twigger

on 19 July 2011

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Transcript of Smart home project

The 3D TV is a new way to watch TV in your home. Once you put your 3D glasses on you are in a whole new world! The 3D TV! For a long time scientists have been trying to make computerised homes and now they have succeeded! By Sophie Alice Twigger 8N1,,8.6 Smart Home Project!!! The Cocoon Bed! The cocoon bed is comfy and you can do anything in it! You can watch T.V and read a book, it also has an added light inside! The FRIDGE! The fridge is usally the central control panel for the house! You can control the lights, heating, windows and much more!!! You can see whats in your fridge, what recipes you can do with whats in your fridge and more!!! The Future Mirror! The mirror can tell you what the weather is give you the daily news or just be a simple mirror! The Bed! This bed comes with a built in TV and an air conditioning system. It is probably one of the most comfiest beds yu will lie in. What is in a Smart Home?! Transport! Cars have gone from this....... To this....... To this............ To this......... And soon to this....... Transport has evovled so much over time! We've gone from having carts pulled by horses to moving vechicles to hopefully some time in the future hover vechicles! Thank you for watching!!!!
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