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My 5th Grade Science Fair Project: Landslide!

The reason i did this as my project is that i want to learn more about angles & erosion. This is my 2nd prezi, i hope you like the prezi & the project!

Kyler Bullard

on 12 April 2013

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Transcript of My 5th Grade Science Fair Project: Landslide!

Purpose & Question... Results &
coclusion My Project Notes (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr (cc) photo by Franco Folini on Flickr (cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr The reason i did this as my experiment was that i want to learn more about angles & erosion. i wonder what i should test... OH! i know! i should test different ANGLES & see which one helps erosion occur... a 25 degree angle, or a 45 degree angle? (Rough Draft) question:will the higher degreed angled surface of land have more sediment erode away than the lower degreed angled surface of land? Next is... My results & conclusion! Hypothesis: (Rough Draft) Hypothesis: Conclusion: I did notice that i had to modify the length of the tube to actually GET some data to go off of though... I also had to modify the amount of water used in ea. trial to 32 liquid oz. of water.I even had to modify the measurement of weight that i was using because our scale wouldn't go high enough in oz. for the weight of the eroded soil. (part 1) Results: I noticed that at 1st, the soil would shift, but wouldn't actually go FAR enough to be sediment so we didn't get ANY results at 1st.I learned during this experiment that sometimes, you have to modify to actually get some data, some ressults, & a conclusion. (part 2) Results: The Assets... doodles notes outlook My Hypothesis... I hope that you liked my project & the prezi!Bye! Question: "if the surface of land has a higher degree angle, will more sediment erode away?" My hypothesis is "yes, the higher degree of
angle, the more the sediment will erode away." "yes, the higher degree of angled land, the
more sediment that will erode away." I had to do my experiment 15 times JUST to get enough data!!!Although, my hypothesis WAS correct. It is "the higher the angle's degree, the more sediment that will erode away from the surface of land." I would like to thank some people for helping me with this project, building the objects needed for this project, & for weighing the soil on the scale. My dad, for helping me build the erosion box, the erosion box's stand, & the water system. My mom, for helping me get all of the supplies needed for the project. Time for some photos of erosion! next is... materials & procedure! materials & prcedure: -erosion box (wood, a drill, sandpaper, a screw driver, screws, spray paint, & sealing paste) -soil -water -32 oz. water bottle -protractor -tube
-water system -erosion box's stand step 1:
step 2:
step 3:
step 4:
step 5:
step 6:
step 7:
step 8:
step 9:
step 10: build the erosion box.
build the stand & water system.
put the soil into the erosion box.
put the erosion box into the proper angle.
saturate the soil so it won't absorb any water.
get the 32 oz. of water.
run the water over the soil in the erosion box.
gather ALL of the soil that WAS eroded.
weigh the soil that was gathered in "step 8".
repeat steps 4-9 until enough data is recorded.
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