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3.2-4.1 Unit 5 Sports coaching: Planning reviewing and delivering a coaching session

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Ryan Farrow

on 4 March 2015

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Transcript of 3.2-4.1 Unit 5 Sports coaching: Planning reviewing and delivering a coaching session


1.What is an aim?
2.What is an objective?
3. Describe the 'R' in SMART TARGETS ?
4. What 5 outcomes need consideration in relation to the participants when planning a session?

Learning aims
Zoom in for the details
Components of a session
Reviewing your coaching session
Whilst the music plays answer the questions
Unit 5 - Sports Coaching
LO 3 and 4

Be able to plan a sports coaching session
Identify the resources required, Healthy and safety considerations and components of a session
Activity 1
Highlight on a session plan the resources required in each component of the session.
There are three types of resources:


Human Resources
People involved in the delivery of a coaching session,
eg coaches, assistant coaches, parents, spectators
Physical Resources
Facility and equipment required to deliver the session
Fiscal Resources
The financial costs of running coaching session
Facility/ Equipment hire etc
1) Risk Assessment
2) Emergency Procedure
In groups of 3 present and give examples and explain why your topic is essential when planning a coaching session
Activity 2
Activity 3
Describe how your topic is essential when delivering a session
Activity 4
In pairs identify the meaning of this diagram
Evaluation stage
Did the session meet the aims and objectives
Did you meet the SMART targets that you set your athlete
What went well in the session and why

What did not go well in the session and why

What lessons have you learnt as a coach and why
What would you do to improve the session if you had to deliver it again
Formative and Summative Assessment
Activity 5
Takes place informally and should support the development of a coach
Summative Assessment
Takes place formally to assess the performance of a coach. It is often used to assess ability -
for example, when trying to attain a coaching ability
Developing Feedback
1. Feedback forms are essential when reviewing your performance
Areas for improvement
Development plan
Once you have reviewed this will form the basis to develop.
Your plan must identify specific goals, eg:

- Completing specific coaching qualifications
- working with specific sport coaches. Who could you get in touch with ?
-observing sports coaches working with specific groups
Further coaching qualifications
Geographical location
What could prevent you from your targets being met
Ethnic minority
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