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Beowulf Comic Strip Summary

The summary of the story of Beowulf

Kailyn Luyben

on 10 March 2015

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Transcript of Beowulf Comic Strip Summary

Grendel Attacks Hall Heorot
One night in hall Heorot, all of Hrothgar's men had fallen asleep. When a nightmare of blood and loss woke Hrothgar, he found that Grendel had slaughtered his men while they slept, leaving Heorot hall polished with blood.
Beowulf Arrives
When it seems all hope is lost for Hrothgar and Heorot, a man named Beowulf arrives, claiming that he is going to defeat Grendel. The coast guard that greeted them thought that Beowulf and his men were crazy. Beowulf, on his way to defeat Grendel, leaved his sword behind in a mound of dirt, adding to the Coast guard's worry.
Beowulf Vs. Grendel
All of Beowulf's men slept, but Beowulf and Unferth stayed awake. At first, nothing happened. But Grendel soon came to fight, and, using the light within him, Beowulf ripped Grendel's arm off, causing him to bleed to death. Grendel's reign of terror had come to an end.
Grendel Attacks Again
Hrothgar, distressed over the deaths of his men, rounded up 10 warlords and waited for Grendel to come and fight. Grendel attacked Hrothgar and his men. The men died, but Hrothgar survived.
The End!!
Hall Heorot
Once there was a king named Hrothgar in the Danes. Hrothgar had a dream one night of a grand hall where he and his subjects could have feasts and gatherings. He thought that this dream was so great, that he decided to build this hall. He called it Hall Heorot. Hrothgar had a grand feast to celebrate the building of hall Heorot.

In the End
In the end, Beowulf's legacy lives on. No one knows the truth of the bees as Wiglaf does, but he never tells. It is now his turn to rule the kingdom. And when anyone asks Wiglaf about Beowulf, Wiglaf simply says, "Beowulf was Beowulf."
Beowulf Comic Strip Summary
By: Kailyn Luyben
Grendel's Mother
Unferth knew that a very dark evil was coming to hall Heorot, and welcomed it with open arms. Grendel's mother, evil and enraged about the death of her son, had come to retrieve Grendel's arm. Grendel's mother was so evil that she didn't even have a name.
Heorot Hall
I am Beowulf. I have come to defeat Grendel
Into the Fen
Beowulf, hearing the news of Grendel's mother, went to the fen to fight her, and kill off the last strand of the darkest evil. When Beowulf arrived at the fen, he discovered that it was a very evil place with vampires and ogres and witches and worms that burned. Beowulf also discovered Unferth's lifeless head hanging from a tree.
Diving In
Beowulf and is men came across a seemingly bottomless pit of blood, and Beowulf knew that he needed to dive in. Air bubbles in the blood helped him breathe, though they tasted bitter and smelled foul. While diving, Grendel's mother snatches Beowulf in her tentacles and brings him to her lair.
Beowulf Defeats Grendel's Mother
Beowulf kills Grendel's mother and leaves the fen victorious. He leaves with Grendel's head as a souvenir, and it took 4 men to carry it.
Beowulf Goes home
When Bowulf returns to Heorot, Hrothgar and Wealtheow {Hrothgar's wife} are very grateful to Beowulf and want him to stay. But Beowulf knew that it was now time to return home, so he bid Hrothgar and his kingdom goodbye, and he and his men returned to their own home, where King Hygelac grants Beowulf a lot of land in return for being so brave.
King Wiglaf
King Beowulf
When king Hygelac died, Beowulf refused to take the throne, he thought that even though Hygelac's son, prince Hardred, was young, that he could rule with the help of his family until he could rule by himself. Hardred grew to become a great king. Following the death of Hardred, Beowulf accepted the throne and promised to avenge Hardred's death.
One Last Battle
Beowulf ruled in peace for 40 years. Beowulf was told of the Firedrake, and believed his reign of terror needed to come to an end. Beowulf wanted to battle one last time. He brought his men and a boy named Wiglaf, but no weapons. He only brought his bees. His bees stung the Firedrake from the inside, killing him. Beowulf then died, only Wiglaf knowing how he planned for the bees to kill the Firedrake.
Important Characters:
King Hrothgar
Grendel's Mother
Queen Wealtheow
King Hygelac
The Firedrake
Prince Hardred
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