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The French Dance Of The Can-Can

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Taylor Doucette

on 23 March 2015

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Transcript of The French Dance Of The Can-Can

The French Dance Of The Can-Can
when did they begin this type of dance?
The famous Can-Can dance originated in the city of love! Paris, France! since the dance originated from the city of love, that is why the Can-Can dance is a scandalous romantic dance favorite in Paris.
Where did the dance originate?
Well the Can-Can dance is a scandalous dance so the story behind the dance is that this dance was a way to sneak scandalous moves into a dance. Men and women could both perform the dance now mind you the women were likely better at the dance. And the men more than likely enjoyed it more when the women performed the dance VS when the men performed it! The women used this dance to show off their legs in a fun, energetic way.
what is the story behind the dance?
Usually you can see the Can-Can dance being performed at a bar, nightclub, public party's, plays usually an old fashioned based, shows/movies and parades. Of course the one at a parade would be less scandalous because of the audience.
when is this dance usually performed?
what is the history of this dance?
This was one of the favorite dances of the 14th century,the Quadrille. The Can-Can dance was more of a group dance so the final figure of the dance would be for all the dancers to perform high kicks and extravagiant gestures with their arms. The moves of this dance where inspired by the popular dancer Charles Mazurier. He was an athletic performer able to perform jump splits with ease. This became a scandalous way for female dancers to show off their
legs and kick up their skirts. This also offered the
opportunity for male dancers to show off their own
virility and prowess.
What is the significance of the costumes
The costumes where simply just beautiful long, light, flowing skirts. they had to be light so that the dancers could quickly and easily pick them up to kick up their leg and they had to be beautiful so the audience would be intrigued in the dance entertainment. But now a days the costumes are more scandalous, being sometimes a stylish costume bra and a very thin part lace and scandalous matching skirt. The design became more scandalous than the actual dance.
What is the significance of the dance movement?
The dance movement is kicking you leg very high in a rhythmic way, adding along small low kicks to make the dance seem a little less hard than it actually was. And to pull the whole dance together there were and still are hand gestures in the Can-Can dance. Now since the dance has had time to evolve it has gotten
many new moves and the new moves are even
simpler now being the girls lifting their skirts only
a little and swaying their arms back and forth with
the skirt in hand.
Fun facts
The Can-Can dance because it was scandalous it was nearly forbidden, the authorities went so far a to arrest enthusiastic kickers.
An all male Can-Can group was formed in 1870 called Quadrille des clodoches.
Over the years the Can-Can dance has begun to lose it scandalous feel but it does not seem that way because the costumes have gotten more scandalous. Offenbach is the name of the traditional Can-Can dance.
The dancers of the Can-Can could perform the dance solo.
Can-Can means scandal in french.
For a while the Can-Can dance was not called or labeled as a dance since it really was in the beginning just a bunch of simple flexible high kicks that mostly women enjoyed doing to show their legs. But by the year of about 1880 the dance had evolved into well a dance a well know dace at that and it was no longer just a bunch of flexible high kicks now it had more dance moves added to it like swaying arms, small kicks (like a bit of jig) and gestures to make the dance look like an act.
-Paris update
-love to know
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