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Developments in tourism since the 1960's

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Jessica Murray

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of Developments in tourism since the 1960's

Development in tourism since the 1960's
Transport Development
Lifestyle changes
1969 The development of tourism act:
1980 licensing regulations for coach routes ended --> National bus and private companies compete

1985 Wholesale deregulation --> private companies can operate on any route.

1996 air passenger duty reduced on economy flights.
Removes barrier
1996 Air passenger duty
1992 Package travel, package holidays
and package tour regulations
Regulations made to protect the customers of tour operators selling package holiday.
Product Development
Holiday camps
Peak between 1945 and 1960
Decline from 1970's, demand for sunshine and package holidays increased.

Package holiday
1841 Thomas cook first to organize package holiday.
1949 Vladimir Raitz organizes first modern package holiday
Vladimir Raitz establishes Horizon holidays
Others followed
Technological developments
Reservations and bookings
Technology had greatest impact on the way bookings were made.
From 1950's systems are developed --> easier for travel agent to make bookings.
Consumer books holiday online
Online and self
check-in at airports.
Almost every airline has this service and it is meant to reduce waiting lines at the airport.
- 1959 Boeing began commercial flights with Boeing 707.
- 1969 Boeing introduces 747 / seats 500
Impact on tourism
--> Fly further in less time
--> More passengers, price per seat went down
--> Jumbo jets used more, smaller aircraft available for charter operations
British Airways Boeing 707 cabin
Super planes
- Airbus A380
--> introduced by Singapore airlines
--> seats 555-800 passengers
--> Airports had to make adjustments, most waited for American airlines to commit

- Boeing 7E7
--> expected to be popular for airline fleets
--> Greater flight range / less fuel consumption
Introduction and growth of low cost airlines
Deregulation of air travel --> development of low cost airlines
- 1987 EU allowed cost related-fares + certain types of discount fares
- 1993 final stages of deregulation
- Easyjet first low cost airline
- 2004 EU grew to 25 states, 2007 Romania and Bulgaria
- Lowering barrier
Traditional way to cross channel = ferry
1960's hovercraft is introduced
Channel Tunnel
In 1986, foreign Affairs ministers of both countries signed Franco-British Treaty in canterbury.
Boring Began in 1987 and was finished 1994.
No flying or sea sickness.
To encourage people from the mainland to visit UK
1980 and 1985 Transport Acts

1960's more people own car's, government cut railway's and shutdown stations.
The train is now making a come back
High speed trains
High speed trains helpt with succes of railways (TGV, Thalys)
TGV now runs from Paris, the Channel tunnel, Brussels, Germany
Require new tracks --> investment
UK followed --> journey from UK leg to London cuts in half
Deregulation of cross border passenger trains
Holiday patterns
More short break holidays
City trips are becoming more popular
New York
Rio de Janeiro
Increased income and expectations
People have more to spend
Expect to go on holiday at least once a year
Improved education
Education has improved since 1960's
More aware of the worlds possibilities
Multicultural society
Grey Market
Holiday Camps
Present day travel and tourism sector
New products and services
Business operations
Consumer demand
Types of organizations and competition
Numbers employed in travel and tourism
Contribution to the GDP
Product development
Technological development
Transport development
Lifestyle changes
Present day travel and tourism sector

Established British tourist Authority and tourist boards --> formed Visit Britain, Wales and Scotland
Co-ordinate all tourism orginasations
Thank you for listening.

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