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The Nazi Hunters

No description

Alexis Kievning

on 24 April 2014

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Transcript of The Nazi Hunters

The Nazi Hunters
Neal Bascomb
Born in 1971 in Denver, Colorado.
Journalist who worked in America, London, Paris, and Dublin.
Did research for 2 years prior to writing book.
Wrote the book to bring awareness about the Holocaust so it was never repeated.
Wanted to voice the triumph of arresting the worlds most wanted still-living Nazi officer.
1933 Nazi Party takes control of Germany. (aryan)
Kept dominating all of Europe under Hitler's dictatorship.
Jews were robbed of their citizenship and other basic rights.
Jews couldn't vote.
Jews were forced into ghettos.
Then death and concentration camps were started to export Jews.
Operational Manager Adolf Eichmann and Hitler discussed ideas for Final Solution.
12,000 people sent to Auschwitz to be killed.
War was fought to save Jews, Hitler commits suicide. Victory in 1945.
It was so hard for people to open up. (traumatically affected)
Nazi officials were wanted.
Adolf being hung near Tel Aviv.
Auschwitz Concentration Camp
Justice Served
-thrilling investigation of Adolf Eichmann
-team of elite undercover spies, surviving holocaust victim, and an argentinian man and his daughter
-took 4 years of trial and error
-finally caught him hiding out in Argentina
Favorite Quote
"For the first time in history the Jews will judge their assassins, and for the first time the world will hear the full story of the edict of annihilation against an entire people" (Chapter 10).
The Plan
Illegally transfer Eichmann from Argentina to Israel.
The Mossad used 150th anniversary for the revolution against Spain to smuggle more agents in Argentina.
May 11th, 1960- Mossad and agents captured, drugged, and flew Eichmann to Israel.
Argentina argued for him to be taken back but a trial was deserved because he was identified as a international war criminal.
Adolf Eichmann
Named "Competent Official"
Head of Operations for the Nazi Final Solution
More cruel some say than Hitler
Ricardo Klement was his disguise
Fled to Argentina to escape being killed for his role in the Holocaust
This book really made me feel like I was in the shoes of a Holocaust survivor. It was a touching story to hear. Since it was a spy mission it makes the book even more interesting. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes to hear about the capturing of a gruesome man.
by Neal Bascomb
December 15th, 1961 Adolf was found guilty in Jerusalem 15 charges and sentencing him to die.
He was hung near Tel Aviv on May 31st, 1962.
First trial to be televised in history.
Justice was served to those affected by the Holocaust by capturing someone like him.
Children's bodies at Auschwitz
Parent book is "Hunting Eichmann"
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