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Copy of IBCC ATL English version

No description

Deepak Tiwari

on 8 August 2013

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Transcript of Copy of IBCC ATL English version

ethical thinking
IBCC: Approaches to Learning
intercultural understanding
personal development
Four key topics:
Thinking sub-topics:
Topic and sub-topic contexts:
Key topic: thinking
Example 1: Linking ATL topics and context with career-related-study
Sub-topic: critical thinking
Sub-topic: ethical thinking
Context: workplace
...use of artificial stimulants
examine theories
evaluate information surrounding the issue
make an assessment on conclusion
Example 3: Linking ATL topics and context with career-related study
Example 2: Linking ATL topics and context with a Diploma Programme course
Key Topic: thinking
Context: Communities
Diploma Programme course: Psychology
critical thinking
... examine and evaluate multiculturalism
... determine how human rights are established in a particular society
... applying the research methodology learned in psychology
Key topic: communication
Context: workplace
formal writing skills
Sub-topic: IT skills
how to write a resume
how to write a report
how to write a letter
... conduct a presentation while utilizing IT
Example 4: Linking ATL context and multiple topics with the reflective project
Context: Workplace
Key topics: thinking, communication and personal development
Sub-topics: critical thinking, ethical thinking, presentation skills and time management
Reflective project
Context: communities
Example 5: Linking ATL multiple topics and context with a core component
Key topics: intercultural understanding and communication
Core component unit focus: cultural perspectives, interpersonal communication skills and IT skills
Core component: language development
Image sources:


Microsoft clip art


Career-related study: sports
... observe, interpret, analyse, infer and evaluate
... evaluate the ethical dimension
... presenting and delivering the reflective project
... examine differences between cultures
... identify ways and means to overcome cultural differences
... examine possibilities of communicating the information using IT
ethical thinking
critical thinking
creative thinking
lateral thinking
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