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Hero's Journey: Chicken Run

No description

Grace Morrow

on 16 April 2014

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Transcript of Hero's Journey: Chicken Run

Hero's Journey: Chicken Run
Part One: The Departure
Unusual Birth/Early Childhood
The call to adventure
Crossing the Threshold
Part Two: The Initiation
Challenges or Trials
Supernatural Helper or Mentor
Special Weapon
Abyss or Temptation
Part Three: The Return
Return Home
Mastery of Two Worlds
Specific patterns in characters.
The Graces
Mother figure: Babs
Father figure: Fowler the Rooster
Mentor: Rocky Rhode
Trickster: Nick/Rocky
Getting out of the farm
Rocky Rhode
Various kitchen utensils
No Abyss or Temptation
Ginger starts to love how much Rocky cares about the other Chickens
Mastery of Two Worlds:
Ginger and the other chickens were loving their new home in the hills and were glad to have gotten away from the chicken farm. They're finally free. Ginger and Rocky are happy together and glad to be free. However, their memories from their days at the farm will forever be with them.
Rocky the Mentor
Rocky's Dance
Ginger the Chicken along with fellow characters rebel against the Evil Mr. and Mrs. Tweedy. For if they don't they will face certain death.
Mr. and Mrs. Tweedy
Rocky and Ginger
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