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Judicial Department Of Abu Dhabi

Human Resources Management

Khalid AlSuwaidi

on 17 August 2013

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Transcript of Judicial Department Of Abu Dhabi


Not to forget in this regard that our recent Judiciary was founded and supported by His Highness the late
"Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan"
following his accession to power as the Ruler of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in

The Law of Courts was issued and established into three circuits in
Abu Dhabi, AlAin and Al Dhafra.

, (after the union)

(Shari’a Judicial Department
) was established In order to maintain Peace and human rights in the whole country.
Conclusion and Recommendation
Finally, after the Discovering journey I learned many skills and knowledge from the internship course and I was convinced its very important to see the real environment work in three months of the training.

I recommend all students to work on investing this valuable period and try to acquire as much as they can of skills, knowledge, information and to make new relationship.
Many thanks for the ...
Specially for ..
The Archives:
it’s a special room for storing an important documents of all the old and current employees who are working or were work in the Judicial department of Abu Dhabi.

there is a security person for this archives and it’s not legal for any person to enter this room, because it’s have all the judicial Department’s History and documents.

its contain of:
1.Training courses files
2.Employees personal information
3.Files related to the management
4.Application for employment
5.Circulars and decisions
Challenges faced:
“Guidance of Policies and Compensation Section”
is like a reference for the employees for asking about anything related to their grades or level in the work, they come and ask: when we will get the new position? When we will take the promotions. In this time, we show them the policies of the grades and promotions, if they have the right to get the promotions, we start the procedures of it, But if they don’t have the right to get the promotions, we must explain for them when they can ask about the promotions, grades, levels with explain for them the policies and the rights of the employees.
Skills and knowledge acquired:
Actually, in the recruiting section I improved my communication skills and learned more how to deal with kinds of people like sad or angry employees, by talking with smiling in their faces, order a cup of coffee or tea to relax them and show them that we want to help them.

Fourth task,

"recruitment section"

This section is working in:

- the initial interviews for the candidates’ employees by the heads of the sections in the Human Resources Management.

- The procedures of hiring the new employees for the job.

I carried some information about the procedures of recruiting a candidate, at first the person who is looking for a job in the judicial department of Abu Dhabi, must apply online his CV in the judicial department website. After that, if the candidates were nominated, they will be called for an interview from a recruitment committee. Third step, if they accept the candidate,

they will call him again to continue the recruitment procedures, such as:
- fill the recruitment application
- Forensic and medical examination
- Recruitment offer
- Rules and regulations: Employee Guidance & do not working in any other place
- Receiving the employment contract
- Finally, start the work immediately or according to the agreement.
Historical Background
On June 2007 under law No. 23 of 2006 to ensure the delivery and administration of justice and equality to all citizens and residents throughout the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, The Abu Dhabi Judicial Department was established.
First task,
“Guidance of Policies and Compensation Section”

- read all the policies of the Human Resources Management.

(it’s a big file contain of 165 papers approximately)

including everything related to the employee’s service affairs from the hiring until the end of the service.

Benefit / Useful reference contain of all the important guidance information to help and guide the managers to do their daily tasks and manage their employees’ affairs.
Second task

“Judicial Authority Affairs section”

The Core Job in the adjd

this section is only responsible of everything related to the members of the Judicial Authority, like: Judges, lawyers and notaries.

I started by observing an important file which is “Decree Folder” from their Highnesses, which contains recruiting of the judges and assistant judges by an official order from the president of the UAE or the head of the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department “H.H. Shake Mansour Bin Zayed”.

Also in the same section, I examining the (self-procedure) “any procedure related to the employee launch from the date of recruiting” like:
2.New recruitment
5.Changing the position
Third task,

"Human Capital Development Center"

which is a primary section of the Human Resources Management in the Judicial Department of Abu Dhabi.

This center is specializing on making the training courses for the Judicial Department’s employees. After that, they evaluate the employees to see if they got a benefit from the course or no and if they improve from which level until which level, because they must improve their weakness points to prepare the employee to do their works efficiently and effectively and finally to increase the productivity and the performance of the Judicial Department employees.
Done by:

Khalid Ahmed Al Suwaidi
ID: 200703217
Major: HRM
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