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Fundamentals of Social Media

No description

Reggie Williams

on 31 March 2014

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Transcript of Fundamentals of Social Media

Professional networking service
Founded 2003
277M users
3M business pages
1.2M products/services are showacased on LinkedIn
2.1M groups
200 conversations per minute
20 languages available
38% of LinkedIn use is mobile
40% of LinkedIn users
Great way to connect with old colleagues and gauge what industries are in your network
Link your company page to it to increase
and brand recognition
Follow new brands and check the suggested groups to find new partners or things going on in your area
Video sharing network
Founded in 2005
1B users
4B views per day
Great medium to share the story of your organization
Tag your videos with keywords to increase
and brand recognition
Possibility to raise money through advertisement channels- "
" of your videos
Link back to your site to keep the conversation going
Respond to comments and share videos as comments as well, great way to increase your views
Actively promote your work, just because it's out there doesn't necessarily mean it's getting to the right people
Photo/video sharing networking service
Launched 2010
Within two months of the launch, Instagram has 1M users
150M monthly actives
16B photos shared
1.2B likes per day
55M average photos per day
"Photo Map"- when using the
service, you can pin your picture to a named location or general area
Direct Messaging
your friends/ "Photos of You"
In 2012, Facebook bought Instagram for $1B in cash to keep their competitive edge
There are 19 filters for your posting pleasure on Instagram
social network
Founded 2007
172.4M blogs
77.4B posts
= Control center for all of your posts, videos, audio, etc.
Short cuts to
- CRTL or ALT + R
Endless scrolling- enable this in settings to avoid having to shift by page on
Advertise your Tumblr
on your other social media accounts
Tell video stories and show off your sucess
Follow capabilities are great on Tumblr
You can track your
to keep up with what's going on
Option to link Tumblr
to your Facebook & Twitter
Use "Activity" to follow responses and engagement
Tumblr users are generally more into the arts, it's an eclectic group
/social media networking service
Founded 2006
140 character limit for posts, 160 character limit for bio
650+ Million users
Good for self promotion, BETTER for promoting others
Twitter is a network of content creators (designers, news anchors, CEOs, brands, you name it- they have it)
Use links in the tweets to increase dialogue
Vine (six second video
app) is owned by Twitter
Hashtag (#)
= a tag used to categorize content on Twitter, by topic
Retweet (RT)
= a way to share content you enjoy and connect with and it's great for crediting a source (Also retweets with "RT" in it versus just quotations get more RTs)
Grow your audience from any web page
Reply when necessary
The evolution of Twitter can be an indicator for how others respond to changes
Shorthand is OK if need be, anything to make the character count!
Social networking service
Founded 2004
1.23B monthly active users
665M daily active users
751M mobile monthly active uses
16M local business pages
Profile picture vs. cover photo: a profile pic is the icon that allows searchers to identify you vs. the cover photo which is the background behind the profile pic for style/effect
Use location services to increase your scope of reach locally
Use the schedule to post content for a certain amount of time
Great way to connect with your existing followers and promote new ventures
Instagram is the standalone picture application of Facebook
Fundamentals of Social Media
Publish more than once a day
Make content VISUAL
Highlight best posts
new promotions every seven days
"calls to action"
which engages your audience)
Use custom tabs tailored to your industry
Make it fun! If it doesn't look like you enjoy what you're sharing, your target audience may not receive it
Use milestones, let your audience know about your accomplishments!
Keep it conversational (@ and
are great for this!!!)
Make it shareable
Tweet EXCEPTIONAL content
Frequency is KEY to Twitter success
Verify, verify, verify!!!!
Listen 100%, Tweet 55%
Stay on top of the news and sources, Twitter is
real time
Do not use numbers in your handle, it is spam-ish
Include keywords in your bio
Have high quality followers who can build your reach
Create a special subset of keywords
Leave character wiggle room for
Create inbound links (
) to increase your web traffic
Use current topics to link ito what people are already discussing
Unlike with most of the other social media networks, LinkedIn is really a digital legacy of your professional career
Design is formatted to look like a résumé, so keep the information short
Numbers= RESULTS in the business world. Show how you have changed something for the better.
Use LinkedIn to find new hires, post job openings, promote the more mission and vision based work
Make sure your staff adds the company to their personal accounts to increase your scope of reach
your posts with
(same purpose as Twitter)
Explore new/featured content to find areas of interest
to follow and reblog on the go
You can turn on questions and answers to chat with your followers. This also has a privacy feature to protect anonymity
"Activity ranges from last: 24 hours,3 days, 7 days, and month
You can use the "Queue" feature to schedule content post at a certain day or time- GREAT for engaging without having to sit and post all day
The limits: you can post or reblog no more than 250 posts a day, and only 75 of them can be photos, you can only friend between 250-300 people on Tumblr in a day, the queue can only hold 300 posts at one time and you can only send 10 asks within a single hour, and only 5 of them can be anonymous.
You can email in posts (see Tumblr settings for your information to share
"- A photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website

Example- Ellen's star studded Oscar
, which broke the world record for the most
tweet of all time. It was
2.5M times in a matter of hours.
Share as much as possible, relevant photos and others
Videos are up to 15 seconds long, and can be published across your platforms
Make sure you have "pretty" pictures- aesthetics matter!
are a major part of social media, keep them coming and make them relevant!
Duplicating on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr is a great way to expand reach, just remember that not all content is for all social media
Useful Terms to Remember
- begins with your username and will show up in your Mentions tab on the Connect page.
Mention (@)
- A mention is any Twitter update that contains "@username" anywhere in the body of the Tweet. (Yes, this means that
are also considered mentions.)
Hashtag (#)
- a form of categorizing information, by topic (Ex. #Sochi2014, #Oscars)
- a picture that is ususally taken with a smartphone or webcam with the intent to post on social media.
- announcing/reporting your location with geolocation services, tags, or pins
SEO(searchh engine optimization)
-the study of assessing how search engines naturally rank links and using this to increase web traffic in an organic/natural fashion
ROI(return on investment)
-a tool to help measure the profitability of your business.
- the essential part of inbound marketing (backlinks) that allows individuals to get involved in the conversation. It can be a button to link to your blog or Facebook account.
- a chronological account of your activity on social media, also known as a
- the determination of the actual geographic location of an object, a mobile phone or Internet connected device
Retweet (RT)
- a re-posting of someone else's tweet that helps you and others quickly share that it with all of your followers.
- to link certain posts, people or organizations to a specific topic or category, with or without the # symbol
- up to date information that reaches the audience as it happens (Ex. The Celtics score on Twitter or a press conference after an event.)
- your username, with the @ sign in front to link it to your Timeline
- a form of broadcast media that users a more condensed version of conventional blogging (Ex. Tweeting a thought or reposting an Instagram picture versus writing a post on Facebook)
- YouTube tool to highlight certain properties of a video and also hyperlink them to other sites or content
RSS Feed
- ("Really Simple Sindication") a tool that allows publishers to sydnicate data automatically, to provide other people a summary/update of the website's recently added content (for example, the latest news or forum posts))
- tools that provide an"at-a-glance" view of a particular website, app, news source, etc.
Pop Ups
- advertisements or messages that can be scheduled to display during videos or on sites.
- becoming very popular by circulating quickly from person to person, especially through the Internet.
User Statistics
Here is a "
" that explains all of our frustrations with YouTube
Short and sweet
in the video so people can connect
You can cross promote your social media
Captions, syndications, CTA overlay, Annotations
You can register as a nonprofit on YouTube f
"How to," or entertaining videos are the most watched/rated so use your comedic talents!
Use the
feature to see how long people are actually watching your videos vs. where they stop
To Wrap Things Up...
And finally...
Profile picture
Cover photo

Snap & choose filter
Tag, post, and share!
Post status
here, tag!!
We went from this....
in a very short time span. It's OK, you dont have to do it all!! Remember...
Remember to post frequently
Post aesthetically pleasing content
Hashtag, hashtag, hastag
people/organizations your to to increase your reach
Let it be an extension of your work, not a task- it's a great way to engage multiple generations of people
Post in
or get left behind!
There is a "
" limit for the day, but most people violate the rule
Listen to your audience, they are always the best way to gauge how your work is perceived
Make sure to check how your accounts/site look on mobile! Adaptive layouts are key
Diversify your content, it's not all about you!!! As a resource, you have to actively create and participate in the dialogue.
Use those keywords and
to increase
and keep your brand at the forefront
Link your work into larger causes to expand your reach (i.e. local HIV/AIDS awareness to national campaigns)
You don't have to use it just because it's there
Don't hesitate to ask for help- Social media is works best when we're all engaged together, it is truly a two way street communication
#MCM- ManCrushMonday
#TBT- ThrowbackThursday
- a viral form of guerrilla marketing using pictures and texts to spark dialogue
ettiquette should be limited to 3 per post!
Social media is a phenomenal equalizer
Verified accounts are ones Twitter selects to designate as the official account of a person of brand
Make sure to take breaks for yourself and interact in person! Word of mouth is still an effective way to let people know what you have going
Gifs-moving pictures that are taken from, or screen capped, from TV, movies, videos, etc.
We live in a society that is condensed to character limits and tags! Make your content VISUAL- a picture is worth a thousand words and...
If you weren't
Thank you for listening!!!!
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