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Occupation of Women

No description

Anna Dunlap

on 3 June 2016

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Transcript of Occupation of Women

Other jobs
1840s - Very few women went westward
1850s - Thousands of women traveled west
1900s - 800,000 women were recorded as living west of the Mississippi

Time Line
Make dinner
Put children to bed
Patch husband’s overalls
Sew blankets/quilts
Evening Jobs
Churn milk into butter
Bake bread
Wash family's laundry and hang it to dry
Make daughter’s dolls out of leftover scraps

Afternoon Jobs
Milk cows by hand
Feed the family pancakes and molasses
Feed animals along with their children
Tend vegetable gardens while children picked apples

Occupations of Women
orning Jobs
Shucking Corn
Spinning wool into yarn
Fed, clothed and took care of family
Hung and salted meat
Boiled and flavored water
Few women miners lived with their families
Other Household Jobs
Washing clothes
Washing clothes took such a long time there was an entie day dedicated to this task, "Washing Day"
Making soap
Women took ash from the fire and boiled it in a kettle. The ash eventually forms what we know as lye, the substance that does the cleaning.
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