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6th Grade Academy Our Zoo Project

Bla Bla BLa

Justin Madill

on 29 May 2013

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Transcript of 6th Grade Academy Our Zoo Project

Calculations Animals Iguana
Grizzly Bear
Zebra Mean Life: 38 years M&M's Zoo Median Life: 25 years Mode Life: 25 years Mean Weight: 2,568 lbs. Median Weight: 700 Mode Weight: 7,920, 550, 200, 1,500, 12, 1,200, 5,000, 15,000, 25, 26, 700, 250, 990 Mean Gestation: 232 days Median Gestation: 243 days Mode Gestation: 243 days Mean Cost: $18,558 Median Cost: $15,000 Mode Cost: $30,000, $25,000, $15,000 By: Justin Madill and Mason Modzelewski Iguana Iguanas are a reptile that originates from South America and North America. They are small so they can be fitted into a small cage. Rhino Rhino's are rarely seen in this world. That's why rhinos would be a good animal for the zoo. Rhino's are on the endangered species list. We would take care of it good. Grizzly Bear Grizzly bears might seem scary, but actually they rarely eat meat. They're favorite meal consists of honey and berries. It'd be an amazing sight to see them in their own, natural habitats. Hippo These massive beasts usually live in the water, occasionally coming up on land. They might need a big cage, but little kids think they look cute. Monkey Kids would love to see monkeys. They have opposable thumbs, just like us. They think like us too. It'd be an awesome sight to see an animal that has 96% of the same DNA as us. Lion The lion is the KIng of the Jungle. A mighty beast to see in the zoo. They would be in their natural habitat and would Panda Pandas are becoming extinct, by their bamboo being taken away. At M&M's Zoo we would provide love and all the bamboo they can eat. Yak The yak might look docile from a distance, but actually they can ram into with their sharp horns. Leopard Leopards are being hunted for their fur. At M&Ms Zoo we would keep them safe. They would have fresh food and a natural habitat. Crane The crane might not be a very rare animal, but this type of crane can make calls with a piece of red skin underneath its beak. A very cool animal. Elephant Elephants are mammals that have a nose that can shoot out water and clean themselves. They have big ears to cool themselves in the hot African sun. Crocodile Crocodiles are huge animals that have rows of sharp teeth. These animals lie basking in the sun. They look like they don't do anything, but they have a nasty bite Zebra Zebra not only runs fast, but have a great way to stay camouflaged. They stay in groups and look like a bunch of stripes to lions
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