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Past perfect

No description

marinieves esp

on 14 June 2017

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Transcript of Past perfect

Past Perfect
Use for...
Use the past perfect to talk about an action that took place before another action in the past.
James had eaten all the pizza
Valeria had not broken the window
I hadn´t you that yet.
Had you noticed anything strange?
Yes, I had.
Past perfect and past simple
Past perfect is often used with the past simple.
had + past participle
Positive form
1. Past perfect
2. Past simple
Negative form
Question form
subject + had + past participle
subject + had not/ hadn´t + past participle
had + subject + past participle
We often use when, as soon as, and after to talk about two past actions which took place one after the other.Use the past perfect for the action that happened first, and past simple for the action that happened second.
When he
had written
the email
(1st action - past perfect)
, he
it to everyone he knew.
(2nd action - past simple)
I felt better, after I had seen him alive and well.

As soon as we had set up the tent, we jumped in the sea
When I
(2nd action - past simple)
, they
finished (1st action - past perfect)
1. Past perfect
2. Past simple
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