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Cullins Project 1

No description

Mary williams

on 17 May 2010

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Transcript of Cullins Project 1

MIddle School Teacher The teacher’s responsibilities are to make sure that each kid learns what each kid learns what he or she is suppose to learn in that year. They are to be role models and help the kids fulfill there potential and to help motivate them and get them ready and a young adult. Project #1 Project #2

When teachers get there job they do not get to chose their students so some times the teachers and the students don’t gets along. The teachers have to be the bigger person and do the right thing. They can’t say or do something they will regret. Polk County schools now in
day’s pay range from $35,000
there first year to $55,175
at 25 years and more. In 10 years some
one can make
up to $40,024. You need at least 4 years in collage.
If you want to you can get your bachelors
and masters in any type of subject.
Each day for a teacher they learn
something noe in a subject or in there student. The highest demand for
teachers in the US is
in Wichita, Kansas,
Georgia, St. Louis, Missouri. People want teachers
all over the world but mostly
in small towns and places like that Teachers use all types of tecnoligy
for there kids computers.
They use phones printers fax. They deal with student parents and other teachers Most problems teachers
deal with are problems
with there students may
it be atitude or faimly ishues. Well it depends on what subject you
teach but with grades you have
to avrage out the grades. Most teachers has a group with the same teachers
teaching the same grade. But they have to be noce to each other and set a good example for the satudents. They also have to be nice to the students or they will make ther job hard because they will be mean and not lission to you.
Women and men in
the army always get
hurt and who better
to help them get better
that a military nurse. You can make
average of
$20,000 to
for a 4
year service
Education Needs
•Need a High school Diploma
•Collage Not needed
•Must Be a US citizen
•Bachelor In science
•Need a license to work the job
•Good physical conduction
•Be willing to serve for 3 years
•Must be 18 to 41
•Measuring out the
•Mixing the ingrediance
•Most of this job involvs
scince because the whole jobs
revolve around
making the pacients better.

•Dealing with patients
•Something going
wrong in like surgery
of something
•Companies that
sell medical tools
that sell cots
•You need to be
able to fill out
forms correctly
•You need to be
able to write
letters to letters
When it comes
to technology
for nursing in the
army it comes
to patients files
and ordering
things for the patients.

Project #3 Responsibilities
•Making sure every thing is
perfect for the groom and brides big day.
•Taking care of all the details such as
The cake
The dress
Seating arrangements
The place
The money
The invitation
Keeping it on time
The reception
The food
The photography and the photographer
The flowers and decorations

You have to go to a
specific school to be a
wedding planner and
you have to get a cretin
degree. You need to go for 4 years.
A wedding planers salary
normally ranges from
$75,000 to $90,000 Normally you
have to kind
and coming
it the bride
and groom
they are
under a
lot of stress I think in 10 years people
are always going to get
married so they are in
demand everywhere
and there going to be
doing the same old thing. They many different
things to use for a
wedding planer like
designing the
invitation and
other stuff like that. The costumers in
this career are
anyone who is
getting marred (B2B)
Other companies
Flower shops
Hair Designers
Dress designers

Most problems in
this career involve
the bride and a
family member
like a melt down
or if something
goes wrong with
the wedding.

They use math
in this because
they have to do
fraction for the
cake number of
people and the money.

Working in teams isn’t as important as some other thing but its still important
And you have to be nice to your costumers.
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