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Smarter Balanced

No description

mike tenters

on 13 April 2015

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Transcript of Smarter Balanced

Smarter Balanced
Grade 11 Assessment
What is the SB assessment?
The Smarter Balanced assessment is the new, statewide summative assessment that all students will be taking in lieu of the NECAP assessment (grades 3-8 and 11)
Thank you for your cooperation and participation. Let's do our best on all of our upcoming testing!
Thank you!
Elements of the SB Assessment
ELA assessment
CAT (computer adaptive test)
Classroom Activity
Performance Task (2 parts)

Overview of Testing Site
Test Rules

Basic Test Rules
• You cannot skip questions. (You can flag [mark] a question for review and return to it later.)
• You must answer all questions on a page before moving on to the next page. Some pages contain multiple questions. You may need to use the vertical scroll bar to view all questions on a page.
• You may review past questions and change your answer (see Pause Rules below).
Pause Rules
You can pause your test at any time. You will be presented with a warning message asking you to verify that you want to pause the test.
If your test is paused for less than 20 minutes, you can review questions you already answered.
If your test is paused for more than 20 minutes, you cannot review questions you already answered. (The only exception is if you pause on a page that has at least one unanswered question.)
When you resume the test, you will see the first page that has unanswered questions.

Math assessment
CAT (computer adaptive test)
Classroom Activity
Performance Task (2 parts)
Global Tools:
Help (?); Zoom in/out; Calculator
Question drop down; Pause; Back/Next
End Test buttons
If your test is idle for 20 minutes, the system will
automatically pause the test and log you out.
All answers are saved immediately; you do not lose them when test is paused.

Context Menu Tools:
Expansion tool
Glossary; Highlighter; Note pad; Strike through; Tutorial
Test Tools
1. Go to this site https://login4.cloud1.tds.airast.org/student/V105/Pages/LoginShell.aspx?c=SBAC_PT
(using Firefox or Chrome – Internet Explorer does not usually work)
2. Click “sign in”
3. Select grade 11 and click “YES”
4. Choose the practice exam you’d like to see/try

Testing Dates

5/7 and 5/8

5/11 and 5/12

2 groups: 8:30-11:00 and 11:30-2:00

Let's Practice!
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