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TLA 101: Membership at a Glance

2013 Tennessee Library Association Conference presentation - a brief overview of the association and how members can get involved.

Jodie Gambill

on 23 May 2017

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Transcript of TLA 101: Membership at a Glance

What can TLA do for you?
What can you do for TLA?
What can TLA do for you?
What can you do for TLA?
TLA and You
Let's Play....
Pin the Tail on the Association!

Susan Jennings
Jodie Gambill
Meredith P. Goins

TLA 101: Membership at a Glance
TLA is one big association with lots of parts underneath.

Goal: To pin the correct raindrop under each pom-pom division.
TLA Membership

TLA Conference
*With apologies to Disney Corp
What makes TLA awesome?
Mold, shape, change TLA
The good and the bad.
No ugly here!
Research Associate
Oak Ridge Associated Universities
Meredith P. Goins
Systems Librarian
Vanderbilt University
Jodie Gambill
Dean of Libraries
Chattanooga State Community College
Susan Jennings
Help you and
Provide you with

Give you an opportunity to
Help you
Fill your mind with great ideas at
Give you a chance to contribute to the
continuing education
find a job
annual conference
information profession
“Feeling of belonging to something larger than oneself, with others who feel the same way”
“The ability to serve, learn, and
be a part of something bigger than myself”
“ability to input ideas or participate in projects that may make a difference even if in the smallest sense”
“Being on 'the inside track' of libraries-related issues rather than just hearing or reading about them.”
from TLA Member
Reflections Survey
January 2013
TLA Staff Development Webinars
Face-to-face training
“Getting to know librarians who are new to the state”
“the opportunity to collaborate with fabulous librarians”
“Networking with knowledgeable professionals”
“...[listserv] which affords us the ability to inquire of our colleagues statewide in an easy, fast & inexpensive way”
”discussing possibly better ways to do your job or represent the library within the community”
"Being inspired by my colleagues there--the thoughtful--and thought-provoking--work that they do, their willingness to collaborate, and their sense of humor..."
“[gaining] the respect of my colleagues in libraryland”
from TLA Member
Reflections Survey
January 2013
TLA-L listserv
Committee, Section, and Roundtable Participation
...and more
_Tennessee Libraries_
Job Board on TLA website
Career Development Services at conference
Use those networking connections...
registration discount
access to Career Development Services
major face-to-face networking opportunity
"warm-fuzzy feeling"
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