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Story Elements

No description

Miguel Arce

on 19 August 2015

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Transcript of Story Elements

Story Elements
These are the types of characters in a story:
Static = does not go through any change
Dynamic = goes through some kind of change
Flat = Only one or two traits; often a secondary character
Round = Complex, realistic character
When and where the story takes place?
These are the people that appear in the story. Who is in the story?
Exposition - Introduction = contains setting and characters
Plot = what happens in a story
Rising Action = a character tries to solve a conflict
Climax = when the main character is facing his/her problem
Falling Action = characters begin to apply a solution to the conflict and tie up loose ends
Resolution = how everything turns out
Conflict = a problem a character has to solve
person vs. person = a conflict between two forms of like beings
person vs. self = main character has a problem with him/herself
person vs. environment = character struggling against the forces of nature
person vs. technology = character has a problem with robots or machines
person vs. society - character is going against the beliefs of a certain society.
person vs. fate - character is going against his/her destiny.
Point of View
1st person = narrator tells the story (I and me)
2nd person = narrator addresses the reader (you)
3rd person = narrator is not part of the story (he, she, and they)
Theme = message or meaning of a story
What type of character is Homer?
We usually characterize them as two types of characters:

However, these characters can be defined by the following four characteristics.
The following slides will present the plot elements:
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