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FULL VERSION: Corporate Volunteering - Why it matters & how to do it right

An organization's Corporate Citizenship depends on the unwavering commitment and coordinated efforts of its employees. But without the entire team on board, how can meaningful progress be made?

Chris Jarvis

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of FULL VERSION: Corporate Volunteering - Why it matters & how to do it right

Mission Vision Values Community Purpose Tourist Traveler Guide Space Motivation The 4 Conditions Movement Structure The 3 Stages critical reflection intrinsic
extrinsic design a missional model of employee volunteering A theory of change model Logic Model meaning a sense of accomplishment Be sure to measure your Program & your People obstacles what influencers say obstacles wants/needs The Empathy Map what really counts? fears what friends say What does she SEE? what other opporunties GAIN appearance measures of success What's the question we want to answer? Major preoccupations? frustrations what boss says What does she What does she THINK and FEEL? SAY and DO? friends PAIN environment What does she HEAR? The goal:
gain a deeper understanding of WHY people would volunteer with us Worries and aspirations attitude in public behaviour toward others that means we NEED to meet people at their highest level of contribution Partnerships Resources Growth Issues Impacts Recipients = Employees Unique Benefits Activities Relationships Delivery Channels you have to find your influencers an interesting studies involving felt pens Early Adopters & Influencers More here - http://bit.ly/m6Vzjh An example of how good partnerships with nonprofits help to engage employees More here - http://bit.ly/omR1cd here's how - http://bit.ly/vaUdvl http://bit.ly/vaUdvl find out more here - http://bit.ly/s1G5Jf Why Corporate Volunteering? it's about attracting the best employees for Starbucks it's about the success of the company your employees will be healthier it's about engaged employees it's about employee development Interview with Carol Cone, Global Vice Chair of Edelman Business + Social Purpose, at the 6th Annual Edelman Change and Employee Engagement Summit. Employee volunteering leads to engagement in the workplace. Engaged employees practice safety. Safer employees reduce health care costs. find the report here - http://bit.ly/rAXOUO The Corporate Citizenship Case Study Produced by Corporate Citizenship, the report – “Volunteering: the Business Case” – tracks the learning and development of almost 550 employees from 16 major City firms volunteering in schools and colleges across the UK. These firms include Aviva, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank, Ernst & Young, Nomura and Santander. Gallup performed a meta-analysis across 199 studies covering 152 organizations, 44 industries, and 26 countries..... According to a recent global report, fewer than one in three employees (31%) are engaged while nearly 1 in 5 (17%) are disengaged Gallup estimates that in the UK, employees who feel unengaged at work cost employers upwards of $64 billion every year. In the United States, that number jumps to $350 billion. They discovered that for companies where employees were more engaged than not, their profitability jumped by 16% Customer loyalty was 12% higher Quality increased by 60% Bersin and Associates estimated that the average spending per employee in a training program in 2010 was $1202. Interestingly, the largest single area of expense (21%) is in leadership development and management training (soft skills). Marriott incorporates employee volunteer and service projects into its major internal meetings and conferences in order to foster teamwork, support community partnerships and demonstrate activities that can be replicated at the hotel level. In a recent study conducted by VolunteerMatch and UnitedHealthcare entitled “Do Good Live Well Study Reviewing the Benefits of Volunteering” researchers found that companies reported improved physical and emotional health of employees who volunteer. how do we develop leaders within the program? how do we make sure employees get something out of the program? how do we keep our employee volunteering programs fresh? a word about communication what's the best way to reward and recognize our employees for their time? More here - http://bit.ly/rA5mQ6 Interview with Valerie O'Neil, VP for Partner Communications and Engagement at Starbucks, at the 6th Annual Edelman Change and Employee Engagement Summit. Perfect for Nonprofits: http://managementhelp.org/np_progs/np_mod/org_frm.htm GREAT Primer on Logic Models: http://toolkit.pellinstitute.org/evaluation-guide/plan-budget/using-a-logic-model/ remember to pay attention to your volunteer's motivations! In a recent interview, Annie Lesroart of eBay, shared with us how eBay implemented a fast, ambitious and effective strategy to go green.

From forty employees, the program expanded to hundreds of thousands of eBay buyers and sellers (including people who don’t even work at eBay!)

How did this happen? And how can it happen for you? Read more about Carol's thoughts on the connection between employees and a company's Corporate Citizenship initiatives More here - http://bit.ly/sh9uzP http://bit.ly/sZeDp0 so what's the greatest benefit... of corporate volunteering? better people here - http://bit.ly/s2sjp7 ok - I'm all in! but my friends and I
still have a few questions..... let's dive into employee volunteering how do we make it simple and easy for our employees to find out about volunteering opportunities? how should we reward
and recognize our employees
for their efforts? how do we keep
the program fresh?
(by the way - this water
needs to be changed!) how do we make sure our
employees are getting
something out of it? is email the best way
to let everyone know
what's going on? how can employee volunteering
be used to develop leaders? First, we have to design corporate volunteering and giving programs that pay attention to our employee wants and needs.... We'll also have to make sure we're meeting each employee at their highest level of contribution.... Finally, we need to talk about some practical tools that will ensure our corporate volunteering program actually works! there are 4 conditions that we must pay attention to if we want a successful employee volunteering program 2 of these conditions are based on what your employees want 2 of these conditions are based on what your employees need we have to pay attention to this first condition of motivation because of your employees WANT this 3rd condition of movement matters because your employees WANT in order to motivate employees - we NEED to offer them the right kind of SPACE so then - we NEED to design a program with a sturcture that captures everything necessary for success! If our employees WANT meaning we must pay attention to issues of MOTIVATION In order to do that we NEED to STRUCTURE our progam to 'meet everyone at their highest level of contribution' Along with MEANING, our employees WANT a sense of ACCOMPISHMENT here's a practical idea to ensure your design is STRUCTURED for success! We've adapted our process from here it's not the quanity of emails that matter it's the quality of the emails that matter ok - just kidding - you already know emails don't work Instead of emails - your communication needs to be relational and by relational - I mean a real person telling another real person about the employee volunteering and workplace giving programs!! let your employees lead the program.

Facilitate their leadership and you'll have no end of creative and fresh ideas to ensure the program has MOVEMENT you'll need to think through the direction and results in a missional model - it's everyone's responsibility to achieve success a shared destination led by the Logic Model also helps answer our earlier question.... how many employees became travelers and guides? this is VERY important If people are to grow and develop if we hope to see behavioural and attitudinal changes then we must make sure we include the following practice in our employee volunteering programs a great way to facilitate critical reflection.... is social media - there are TONS of options Just ask people to share their experiences with each other even better - provide your employees with pictures, short tweets, YouTube videos, short messages for facebook and links - they'll LOVE you for it! (cause you've made their life easier and you're helping them tell an important story) Tourists need an experience - first! in this 1st Stage we are extrinsically motivated this is a time of casual curiosity in this 2nd Stage we are beginning to find our own personal (intrinsic) reasons for volunteering this is a time of meaningful discovery

we are looking for something and we've got a hunch 'this might be it' in this 3rd Stage we have strong personal and intrinsic reasons for volunteering

we are also includers - we love when other people discover the value we have found this is a time of intentional alignment

we do it because it's who we are Here's a bit more about what we do we contributed the chapter on corporate volunteering We do a lot of writing! Our Facebook Page - http://www.facebook.com/Realizedworth Chris Jarvis on Twitter -http://twitter.com/RealizedWorth Our YouTube Channel -http://www.youtube.com/user/Realizedworth Angela Parker on Twitter - http://twitter.com/angelajeane Our blog - http://realizedworth.blogspot.com we spend quite a bit of time presenting to companies and organizations around the world...... which is a lot of fun! you can find out more about us if you like..... ok - let us tell you a bit about who we are....
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