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Mobile Application Development Research

Interest Research

steve fon hoe

on 23 June 2013

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Transcript of Mobile Application Development Research

6. Future Exploration
My Blog:
2. Usability of mobile website
Module Code: 6015
Subject: Interactive Media Research
Course: Digital Media Design
Date of Submission: 17th May 2013
I am interest in website and mobile application design, but since now I have chance to do more research, I would like to discover more about mobile application design.
- To discover more about mobile application.
- To understand difference between mobile website and mobile application.
- To understand what is the usability and design requirement for an mobile application.

Therefore, I have decide to research about what is the difference between mobile website and mobile application? what is the usability and design? and what is the possible outcome in the future?
"Mobile Usability is hard"
Mentioned by Raluca Budiu and JaKob Neilsen
-Because it not able to display full website on a mobile.
User face 4 major usability problem from mobile
Mobile Phone with Small Screen, it limited space and interaction of using an application.
Multiply Touching, it mean user have to use the phone without any external mouse and keyboard.
Delay reading any article because it have to depend on the internet connection speed.
Miss design website, it make the website very mercy and not able to function sometime.
Example of Miss Design site - http://www.tgv.com.my/
Iphone Look
Website Look
1. Mobile Website or Full Webiste?
Mobile Web
Full Web
User testing completed by Jakob Nielsen for usability testing.
Difference between mobile website and mobile application
Mobile Apps
Mobile Website
Multi platform
Advantage in all capability in all device.
Easy get from app store.
Can use in offline after downloaded.
Can merge with multi function such like camera and location services.
"version" of website.
Difference code and screen size for all device.
No available in app store.
Cannot use after offline.
Cheapest but have more corruption such like html5 does not support by most of the mobile.
Mobile Application
What should us consider when develop an mobile application?
1. Define the needs of your objective and the future.
2. Our target Audience
3. Understand task and context
4. Consider what type of apps
5. Understand the usability and design style
6. Prototype screen design
7. User Testing
8. Continue to develop
3. Usability Design of Mobile Application
How to create better design and usability?
what should we consider?
Fit screen resolution
Design as simple as we can (Simplicity)
Attractive Icon design
Easy to Navigate
Big Typography
Space between button
Reduce user type area
Consider a good UI mobile application design.
- Spacing between button
- Simplicity design
- Creative navigation
- Less test
Another example of simplicity design.
5. Conclusion
As conclusion, I finally understand what is the difference between mobile application and website application. I also learn what should I prepare before I go through develop a mobile application idea and design. In additional, I notice mobile application is actually similar with website design. Some of the requirement is also needed when doing a website design.

From what I explore, mobile application still have a chance to do improvement. Besides that, I believe it already play an important role in society nowadays. We can experience it by people surrounding us which include ourselves as we can see nowadays a lot of people holding their smart phone when in public transportation.
Avoid the Common Fail of
User Experiences
-Force Registration
-Too many tutorial
-Unusual Interface Design
-User have to fill long text

1.Non-standard GUI control
2.GUI control without begin one
3.Not consistence
4.Not allow user to feedback
5.Always get error message
6.Duplicate question for user
Jakob Nielsen talk about mistake when design application.
6. References
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Maidenhead : Nielson Norman Group
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Next step, I hope to learn about mobile application software and scripting. Because I have go through about what should prepare and take care in develop, I think I should take a chance to develop an mobile application idea and experience how it work so when I go for industry I can have knowledge about mobile application. Besides that, while doing this interest research, I have an idea come through my mind and hope I can make it success in the future.
“Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful.”
Key Thinker - John Meada
The 10 law of simplicity
2. Organize
3. Time
4. Learn
5. Difference
6. Context
7. Emotion
8. Trust
9. Failure
10. The One
More Explanation:
Key Thinker - Donald Norman
6 Design Principles For Usability from the book "The Design of Everyday Things"
More Explanation:
1. Consistence the pattern of design
2. Make your functionality visibility
3. Affordance the user interface
4. Clean Mapping to lead user
5. Feedback function for user
6. Constraint
More explanation:
compuware's survey found 85% of people prefer mobile apps than mobile website
“As of this writing, there's no contest: ship mobile apps if you can afford it. Our usability studies with mobile devices clearly show that users perform better with apps than with mobile sites. (Mobile sites have higher measured usability than desktop/full sites when used on a phone, but mobile apps score even higher.)”(Nielsen 2012).
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