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Betrayal in Macbeth and The Great Gatsby

A comparison of betrayal between both stories and a contemporary issue

kelivn malcampo

on 22 January 2016

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Transcript of Betrayal in Macbeth and The Great Gatsby

By: Kelvin Malcampo
Betrayal in Macbeth and The Great Gatsby
is the breaking of an agreement or doing something to hurt a relationship.

Betrayal in Macbeth
Macbeth betrays Duncan

Macbeth betrays Banquo

Macbeth betrays Macduff
Macbeth betrays king Duncan by killing him to retrieve the crown

Macbeth betrays Banquo by trying to kill him and his son because they were threats to him

Macbeth betrays Macduff by killing his family because he was a threat to him
The play Macbeth by William Shakespeare and the novel The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald share many aspects in common. In particular, they share the theme of BETRAYAL.

Macbeth becomes king

Banquo's son comes back to avenge his father's death

Macduff comeback with an army against Macbeth

Macbeth feels bad about the deaths but does not admit it
Betrayal in the
Great Gatsby
Tom betrays Daisy

Myrtle betrays George

Daisy betrays Gatsby
Tom has an affair with Myrtle because Daisy was getting boring

Myrtle has an affair with Tom because Myrtle wanted to live the American Dream

Daisey leaves Gatsby for Tom after he goes
off to the war because she wanted to live the American Dream
Nothing really changes between them

Myrtle and George have an argument and Myrtle runs outside and gets run over

Gatsby lives a life chasing after daisy
Contemporarry issue
(Judas Iscariot)
Who is Judas and what did he do?
Son of Simon Iscariot
One of Jesus' 12 disciples
He was the "banker" of the group
He betrayed Jesus
He gave the soldiers Jesus location in exchange for 30 pieces of silver
Judas feels guilt and as a result commits suicide
The all betray to gain something greater
Feelings or regret

The Great
In Macbeth, character betray leaders and friends by killing
In The Great Gatsby, character betray spouses by cheating on eachother
Judas betrays his leader by giving the soldiers Jesus' location
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