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Fun activities to inject into language lessons

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Simone Haughey

on 16 June 2014

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Transcript of Fun activities to inject into language lessons

Fun stuff
Fun activities to inject into language lessons
These ideas are thanks to my PLN, twitter and yahoo mfl resources! You may know them already but it might jog your memory to use them again!
Fun balls 2
Cut up a sentence and stick onto balls.
Group work - one at a time goes to get a ball bring it back to group to write down.
Then when they have all the words they need to write in the right order.
First group wins - preferably no spelling mistakes.
Quick ideas
Bingo but shout 'Champignon'.
@lisibo - Roll the dice, what the the number, that is how many body parts touch the ground.
@valleseco - Number tennis - counting but pretend to have tennis rackets. They can hit the next number back, count in 2s etc
Sports theme, bring in a ball of that sport, pass it round for each student to say a word in sentence. 'J'adore jouer au basket'
For repetition, repeat in Operatic voices, old lady, baby. All sing in different styles.
Boys vs girls
Have students repeat the vocabulary from the flashcards, girls first then boys.
1 child, normally the one staring out the window to keep score.
Give a point to the team who pronounced it altogether, no shouting etc.
The boys always want a rematch so you get to practice vocabulary again.

Cold or hot
One student leaves room.
Another hides object.
When student returns, the class whisper one of the new words, getting louder at the student gets nearer the object.
Fizz Buzz
But with balls!
Pass a ball around counting.
Could be thrown randomly or in a circle.
Practice animals
Each child to use a dictionary to find an animal with the same first letter as their name.
'Simone le Serpent', ' Lou le loup'
First person, 'Je m'appelle Simone le serpent.'. 'Bonjour Simone le serpent, je m'appelle Lou le loup.'
Practice conversation
Audioboo for blog
Students walk around the room when the music starts.
When the music stops, hands up to find a partner and start conversation.
AFL - who did you hear that spoke well?
Kagan Mix, pair, share
Stick vocabulary, sentences, phrases on fun balls.
Hide around the classroom or playground
Clipboards with English on, they need to match to vocabulary and write it down.
Practicing reading and writing.
Walking dictionary - some one with keywords or translations so they can consult.

Fun balls
New vocabulary on flashcards in a circle
Students choose one to say and throw 'lamb' at.
Variations, 1 point for pronunciation, 1 for hitting flashcard, 1 for hopping on the spot, or wearing wig, hat etc
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