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The First Stone: Character Analysis

No description

Allyson Z

on 29 May 2014

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Transcript of The First Stone: Character Analysis

Reef's Character Development
1. "Reef's face reflected his own astonishment, and, for the first time in a very long time, he could think of nothing to say."
(Ch. 9, pg. 109)

2. "He wanted to cry out, but he did not. He lowered his arm, looked at what remained of the can for a long moment, then turned and dropped it into the recycling bin beside the deck. Then he went back into the house."
(Ch. 13, pg. 153)

3. "...Reef muttered, then noticed the immediate disapproval on the women's face. 'Sorry',' he said." (Ch. 14, pg 161)

4. "The truth was, though, it didn't feel okay, though he wouldn't let Colville know that. For some reason, the idea of seeing his friends again suddenly made him uneasy. Maybe it was because he hadn't returned Scar's calls. Yeah. That was probably it.
(Ch. 14, pg. 175)

5. "And times when he did something right, like when a bracket fit perfectly or a panel slipped exactly into place, and he'd step back and admire for a moment what he was doing. It was times like those that the reason behind why he was doing it just didn't seem to matter as much. But he doubted that would make sense to his friends. Especially when it didn't really make sense to him."
(Ch. 16, pg 189)

6. "Reef looked at his friends, knew they didn't understand. For some reason, he wanted them to know what it was really like."
(Ch. 16, pg 191)

7. "A tissue appeared under her nose. She looked up and saw the young man holding a Kleenex box he'd taken from the table by the window. 'Here,' he said, and something about the gesture, the contrast of the soft tissue in his large, rough hands, touched her."
(Ch 18, pg 210)

8. "He looked now at the young mother bent over the stroller, turned to watch as the scene slid by. Still looking out the window, he surprised himself by saying, "It was a good day." Thankfully, Colville said nothing. Let the moment what it was."
(Ch. 18, pg 213)

Leeza's Character Development
. "Uh... Anybody die?"
"Leeza said nothing for a while, listened to the moaning that filtered through the doorway from somewhere down the hall. Then, 'Just me,' she said." (Ch.8, pg 93)

2. "She suddenly thought about all the times she'd told people in the past that she felt 'like a wreck.' She'd been wrong. She'd really had no idea what a wreck felt like. Or looked like. But she did now." (Ch. 12, pg. 135)

3. "But for Leeza, these weren't even the worst of it. It was seeing every day the wreckage that had once been her body." (Ch. 15, pg. 177)

4. "As the days turned into weeks, she'd found herself becoming more withdrawn, less willing to involve herself with life on the sixth floor. Every free moment she seemed to spend napping..."
"Leeza's days were one therapy after another and trying to cope with pain." (Ch. 15, pg 178-179)

5. "Leeza struggled to remember the last time she had laughed as hard, really laughed with no holding back, and a memory surfaced of Ellen on the day Leeza passed her driver's test." (Ch. 18, pg 208)

6. "Leeza's mind went back to that afternoon in the lounge, the stori1es Reef and she had shared. 'He mad me remember something I'd forgotten.'
'What was that?'
'That I can be strong too.' (Ch.19, pg 219)

7. "Besides, I suddenly realized that I've spent the last three weeks thinking about nothing else. I want to put it behind me and move on. No sense dwelling on something you can't change, is there?" (Ch. 20 pg 231)

8. "But that was before you showed up. She's been a different person since then -eating better, putting a hundred percent into her physio, really taking control of her recovery. Her change in attitude made a world of difference. And you made the happen, Reef. We're all very grateful for you." (Ch. 24, pg 256)
1. Happy

2. Optimistic

3. Open-minded

4. Caring and helpful

5. Compassionate
By: Allyson Z.
The First Stone: Character Analysis
1. Angry

2. Uncaring

3. Judgmental

4. Close Minded

5. Pessimistic
1. Happy

2. Caring

3. Non-Judgmental

4. Open-minded

5. Optimistic
1. Negative
2. Lazy
3. Depressed
4. Grouchy
5. Mad at the world

9. "Whether that was true or not, he hadn't been able to get Leeza out of his head, had lain awake half the night thinking about her. Reef had never felt like this before."
(Ch. 20, pg 220)

10. "The more time he spent with her, the less he wanted to think about what had brought him here."
(Ch. 21, pg. 235)

11. "He considered asking somebody about her accident -Brett, maybe, or one of the nurses- but somehow it didn't seem right, that if Leeza wanted him to know she'd tell him in her own time.
(Ch. 21, pg. 235)

12. "Shuddered at what she'd think if she knew. Because she did something to him. Made him want to be better somehow. Made him think, maybe that he was better. Better than he'd been, anyway."
(Ch. 21, pg. 236)

13. "He thought about words. Thought about which ones got said and which ones didn't."
(Ch. 24, pg 250)

14. "The person who sat in the circle with them now. But surely not the person who'd sat there every other evening, his eyes barely masking the bored sneer behind them. This was a different Reef. Hollow, Depleted. A body that breathed."
(Ch. 25, pg 257)

15. "Reef did not look up. He did the only thing he could do. He wept."
(Ch. 25, pg 263)

Chapter 26 - page 271

Chapter 28 - page 288, 289
"Regarding the title of this novel, stones are significant because they were a source of comfort in Reef's disadvantaged childhood. His grandmother placed "the first stone" in his hand the day his grandfather pulled over to the roadside when Reef was carsick, telling him that the smooth-edged stone she found was a "sick-stone" that would keep him from throwing up."
Read source of Don Acker's story
Q 1: What was the first sign of Reef's change?
A 1: He held back from lashing out on Alex / he threw the coke can in the recycling bin
Q 2: Why did Leeza feel uncomfortable meeting Reef?
A 2: Leeza was not happy with herself and was ashamed of how she looked due to her accident
Q 3: Why did Reef feel uneasy seeing his friends again?
A 3: Reef felt different and did not think they'd understand him. He's not that same person he used to be.
Q 4: What does "Let the person who is without sin cast the first stone" mean?
A 4: It is implying that nobody is perfect and everyone sins/makes mistakes.
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