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Louisiana from A to Z

No description

Ashley Donnell

on 3 March 2014

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Transcript of Louisiana from A to Z

Louisiana from A to Z
By:Ashley Donnell
Teacher:Sarah Cline
Hour 3
January 16,2014.
A- Atchafalaya
Atchafalaya is a basin found in Louisiana, it is the largest freshwater river basin in the U.S.A. It provides every outdoor recreational activity. (Kruetter,Sandy,2012,"Louisiana Facts & Trivia").
B- bayous
Louisiana is one of the wettest states, it has thousands of bayous. The bayous in Louisiana contain bullfrogs,catfish,bass,crayfish, alligators, and muskrats (Berris,Linda, pg 12, 2005, Chicago)
Louisiana is the only state in the union that doesn't have counties. Instead they have parishes which are very similar to counties (Kruetter, Sandy,2012,"Louisiana Facts & Trivia").
D- Driskill mountain
Driskill mountain is Louisiana's highest point. It averages at 535 ft., most of Louisiana is below sea level because its filled with so many swamps and bayous (Berris,Linda, pg 11, 2005, Chicago).
E- Eastern brown pelican
The eastern brown pelican was named as the state bird in 1958. The bird can be found on the state flag,state seal, & the state painting. The 1st european settlers were impressed by how calm the bird acted (Roth,David,"Louisiana Hurricane History,"2013).
Louisiana has a total of 14 million acres
of forests, lumber is one of their top transportation's. The most common tree's in the forests are pine,oak,gum,and cypress (Berris,Linda, pg 12, 2005,Chicago).
G- Grande Isle
Grande Isle is an island in Louisiana, that attracts a lot of tourists. On 9/9/1965 a 160 mph wind hurricane struct that locations, and left ultimate damage (Roth,David,"Louisiana Hurricane History," 2013).
H- humid
Louisiana is one of the most humid states in the USA, all year long it ranges from 55 degrees- 82 degrees. It includes mild winters, and hot summers (Berris,Linda, pg 16, Chicago,2005).
I- Ida,Louisiana
Since 2014, Ida,Louisiana's population has went down 14%. It includes approximately 160 people per square mile, which is low. 95% of the town is white ("Louisiana,"Onboard Informatics, city-data).
J- Jazzland
Jazzland is a popular theme park in Louisiana, it's theme is Disney. It attracts people because of it's amusing shows and rides, and attracts many tourists (Info-please, Pearson Education Inc, 2012).
Katrina is named after a hurricane that hit off the coast of Louisiana. About 1,700 died and many more were injured. It struck the coast on august 29,2005 and had a 145 mph wind ("Hurricane Katrina," New York Times,2012).
L- Lake Pontchartrain Causeway
Lake Pontchartrain Causeway includes the longest over water bridge in America. It has a total of 23.87 miles, and took more then a year to build. Construction started on January 20,1995 ("Did You Know," Louisiana day tours,2013).

M- marshes
Louisiana is filled with hundreds of marshes. It includes 7,400 square miles of underwater surfaces.New Orleans lays 5 feet below sea level, but the marshes do provide rich soil for the crops (Berris,Linda,pg 18, 2005, Chicago).
N-New Orleans
New Orleans attracts many tourists into Louisiana, it has a population of 485,000. It contains the biggest super dome in the USA, and as well, the biggest Mardi Gras event. Its nickname is Big Easy, because of its lifestyle (Berris,Linda, pg 22,2005,Chicago).
O- oil
Oil was discovered in 1901, and became a huge income for Louisiana. It brings 3% of the world natural oil (Berris,Linda, pg 9, 2005, Chicago).
P-Pecan Island
Pecan Island was hit with a little under medium ranked hurricane on 9/16/1971. It had 100 mph winds that sent houses to the ground, and destroyed a big amount of homes (Info- please, Pearson Education Inc,2013).
Q-Quitman, Louisiana
Since 2000 Quitmans population has increased by 6.5%. It has also had many natural disaters, including being hit by an F3 tornado (City-data,Onboard Informatics,2013.
R- Redwing
Redwing is a cherry tree that sprouted from a cedar tree trunk. It gets a lot of attractions and views and is located in West Carrel Parish ("Did You Know,"day-tours,2013).
S- Statehood
Louisiana is the 18th state to join the Union on April 30, 1812. It is well known, and taught today as the Louisiana Purchase. It was explored by Louis and Clark on their expedition (City-Data,Onboard Infomatics,2013).
Tulane is a outdoor stadium located in Louisiana, and lots of people come and watch the games. The Sugar Bowl was held there through 1935- 1975, and it was a very popular stadium, and lots of games were held there because of its nice setup (Berris,Linda,pg 5,2005,Chicago).
U- Urania, Louisiana
Urania is a popular hit of natural disasters, it's had a total of 12 major disasters, and a huge number of smaller ones. It's had a total of 5 hurricanes that brought great damage to their environment. On the 3rd of of March 2001, it was hit by a 3.0 earthquake (city-data, Onboard Informatics,2013).
V- Violet, Louisiana
Violet, Louisiana was hit with an F4 tornado on 10/3/1964. There was a total of 22 deaths, and 165 were injured.The damage was unbelievable, a estimated amount of 5,000,000 dollars, the whole town was destroyed (city-data, Onboard Informatics,2013).
W- wetlands
Louisiana is filled with wetlands,40% of the wetlands out of the USA, are located in Louisiana. They have more then 100 different plants that surround the wetlands. The wetlands do make rich soil for the crops (Berris,Linda, pg 19, 2005,Chicago).
X- X-mas
Louisiana controls a X-mas festival each year at Natchitoches,Louisiana. They set off fireworks at Cane River Lake and provide fun activities for all families (Berris,Linda, pg 47,2005,Chicago).
Youngsville, Louisiana's population has increased by 125.1% since 2000. It has also had 15 major disasters, and their tornado activity is 118% above US average. Their earthquake activity is 100% smaller the US average (city-data, Onboard Informatics,2013).
Z- Zwolle, Louisiana
Zwolle,Louisiana has had 6 hurricanes some small, others will enormous amounts of dammage. They've also had 2 floods, and 2 tornadoes, in 1950 and 1983 that have put Zwolle in danger (city-data, Onboard Informatics, 2013).
Hopefully this presentation encouraged you to visit Louisiana and get to know it a little better. It provides so many activities to do, and is such a unique state,it's different from all the others. It also is on the coast, and has a perfect climate, and includes an ocean breeze from some areas.You can visit all year round because of it's warm climate, and their is tons of options to do.
Hopefully you enjoy this presentation of Louisiana, it includes a lot of different interesting facts,
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