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Kennesey Peterson

on 10 March 2013

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Transcript of 3-11

By, Kennesey Peterson & Justina Santora Earthquakes in Haiti Earthquakes in Haiti Location & time Tried solutions Facts about earthquakes OUR Solution MORE FUN FACTS!
about Haiti Famous quotes Earthquakes start by, the moving of the Tectonic plates. Causing the Earth's surface to shake rapidly.
It can also cause terrible destruction of properties and homes,killing thousands. Though we can't stop the earthquakes, we can prevent many of the consequences that they make. Many people have tried to help, but it doesn't always work. People tried to make Earthquake proof walls and tried donating money to rebuild the buildings. But whats the use in rebuilding if we know that the buildings could be knocked down all over again? We need to think of a better solution. Otherwise Haiti's civilization could crumble. Our plan is to start a fundraiser and send the money and supplies to the U.S army so that they can build new buildings. Better ones. The buildings need to be shorter,7 feet tall maybe. And very wide. Wide buildings are harder to knock over than 3 story high ones. Also if we plant the buildings deeper in the ground and somehow get something to hold onto the earth it would help. Like how a plant has roots that hold onto the ground, the houses and buildings will have that too! We could change the world for Haitians! Recently, scientists have been going deep under the sea to find the tectonic plates and research more about them. Haiti is one of the most poor and undeveloped countries in the world. They struggle with many health crises. Most haitian children die before the age of five years.
The cost of the disaster was between 8 and 14 billion dollars! And the death toll was 200,000 to 250,000 people. "Whenever an earthquake or a tsunami takes thousands of innocent lives, a shocked world talks of little else. I'll never forget The wrenching days i spent in Haiti last year for save the children just weeks after the earthquake" -Anne M. Mulcahly The earthquake in Haiti Happened on Tuesday, January, 12, 2010. 30,000 people were injured, 100,000 people made homeless, and 300,000 buildings collapsed. For days Haitians had to live without food or water. The homeless had to live in tents. Earthquakes near the sea can cause title waves. And even hurricanes, causing even more damage. <these are underwater tectonic plates! <like so! Some people talk about Haiti as being the graveyard of development projects-Paul Farmer
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