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Kevin Griffith

on 13 September 2017

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Transcript of Nominalization

Avoid making verbs into nouns:

Not: It is our contention that the defendant is guilty.

But: We contend the defendant is guilty.
Nominalizations occur with noun-making suffixes:

-ance -ant
-ence -ent
Revise to eliminate nominalizations:

1. There was an occurrence of a burglary at the residence of Mr. Zymox.

2. It was the committee's intention that the students would engage in the evaluation of their own lives.
1. A burglary occurred at Mr. Zymox's home.

2. The committee intended that students would evaluate their own lives.
Style Problems: A Review

Name the main style problem in each of these sentences and then revise the sentence. Style problems include excessive passive voice, nominalization, lack of precision, sexist language, double negatives, wrong words, and wordy connectives.

1. When we engage in the evaluation of our students’ work, we must avoid the continuation of past mistakes in assessment.

2. Priorities were reordered by several key committees, and action was then taken by the Board of Trustees to implement their suggestions.

3. The dramatic scenes in the opera impacted me greatly, causing me to utilize several tissues.

4. Alliteration is when a poet repeats initial consonant sounds.

5. In a case not unlike the current one, Sanderson did not understand that he should not jaywalk while intoxicated.


is means "equals"

two plus two is four.
Avoid "The Reason is because"

"the something is when"
The reason we lost the game is because the other team was better.

We lost the game because the other team was better.


The reason we lost the game is that the other team was better.


Each lawyer should take his clients seriously.
Use His or her

Make the subject plural

Eliminate the pronoun

My client never said he did not say no.
Commonly Confused Words:

Every Day/everyday





Wordy connectives and Weasel Words

In Today's Society = Today
At the present Time = Now
In the event of = If
In Spite of the fact that = Despite
Comprised of vs. composed of

"comprised of" is always wrong.

The campus comprises(includes) three buildings.
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