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The Silk Road

No description

Reina T

on 2 June 2013

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Transcript of The Silk Road

By Reina Trias The Silk Road The Silk Road is a long road that was used to trade goods and sometimes even traded cultures. The Silk Road began in the second century BCE and was used till the 14th century CE and was opened by Zhang Qian. Ferdinand von Richthofen (a well known german geographer) named the Silk Road the Silk Road in 1877, because silk was one of the main things that were sold. There were many things sold on the silk road. some of those things were;
-Silk -Camels -Gun Powder
-Jewels -Dogs -Salt
-Gold -Horses -Lapis Lazuli
-Matches -Tea -Nutmeg

Silk was the most popular item sold on the Silk Road, it was even used instead of coins. Chinese silk travelled all the way to India and was turned into clothes, banners and tapestries.

People were along traded along the Silk Road, such as slaves, Dwarfs, Pygmies and musicians. Some of these people were traded to entertain people by juggling and doing acrobatics What Things were sold on the Silk Road? The Silk Road was important because the countries that it went through got to know more about different types of cultures and the different types of objects. It also made the countries that were involved in the Silk Road more civilized and aware of what was happening around their country. The Silk Road provided the opportunity to own something new and interesting. Why is the Silk Road Important? What is the silk road? C H I N A M O N G O L I A I N D I A GOBI DESERT R U S S I A PAKISTAN AFGHANISTAN UZBEKISTAN K A Z A K H S T A N S A U D I A R A B I A I R A N I R A Q J A P A N NORTH KOREA SOUTH KOREA TAIWAN VIETNAM LAOS NEPAL E G Y P T T U R K E Y GREECE BULGARIA ROMANIA UKRAINE HUNGARY ITALY BANGLADESH MYANMAR (BURMA) HIMALAYAS PLATEAU OF TIBET TAJIKISTAN TURKMENISTAN KYRGYZSTAN GEORGIA ARMENIA AZERBAIJAN ALBANIA SERBIA BELARUS MOLDOVA SLOVAKIA SYRIA LEBANON ISRAEL JORDAN KUNLUN MOUNTAINS TAKLAMAKAN DESERT TIAN SHAN AUSTRIA MACEDONIA MONTENEGRO BOSNIA CROATIA SLOVENIA Silk Road Other trade routes 500 miles 500 kilometers Where is the Silk Road? The Ancient Silk Road is located in Asia and it goes all the way to Rome, Pakistan and India. The Silk road is 7000 kilometers long and has three main routes, the Northern Route, the Central Route and the Southern Route. The Northern Route goes through the northern part of the Tianshan Mountains then heads towards Kumul, Urumqi and Yining to reach the Black Sea, the Caspian Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. The Central Route goes through the southern part of the Tianshan Mountains then passes Ruoqiang, Turpan, Kashgar and went over the Pamirs to go through Samarkland and Bakhara then finally joins the Southern Route. The Southern Route goes through the west of the Kunlun Mountains passing Charkhlik, Cherchen and Yarkand to reached the last part of the silk road in China which was Kashgar. Then the Southern Route continued, reaching Pakistan and India and could also reach Europe through Islamabad, Kabul, Mashhad, Baghdad and Damascus. References http://www.jcu.edu/faculty/nietupski/rl251/projects/n_silk_road/trade/main.htm http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090526153857AAbCxtn How did the Silk Road change over time? How did people travel the Silk Road and why did they travel on the Silk Road? Short timeline of events that occured on the Silk Road The Silk Road began and only major countries and cities used the road, such as China, Egypt, Mesopotamia, Carthage and Persia. 500CE 600 CE 1000CE 200BCE http://www.travelchinaguide.com/silk-road/ Empires and Kingdoms started which helped the Silk Road by making it more useful. People started trading metals, fabrics and knowledge. http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20111016200228AAvmla4 http://voices.yahoo.com/historical-look-silk-road-has-impacted-5395819.html?cat=37 During this time, lots of people were trading cultures on the Silk Road, which created newer and better ideas for several countries. More routes started to grow on the Silk Road, leading to places like Europe. The Silk Road in 200 BCE was really different to the one in 1450. People were traveling more and sharing their ideas, cultures and items. Marco Polo, a famous traveler from Italy, traveled the Silk Road. This road became well known all over Asia and even in Europe. The Silk Road helped religions grow and become more important than political organizations. The Silk Road became more developed in 1450 then people started to stop using the road because routes across the ocean were being used which was a safer and easier way to trade goods. http://www.ess.uci.edu/~oliver/silk3.html#7 Camels were mostly used to travel on the silk road because they could go a long time without water and could carry heavy loads. Horses and caravans were also used to travel on the Silk Road. In 1450 people used ships to travel across the sea, creating another Silk Route.
People traveled on the Silk Road to trade goods for things they needed and to get to places. Silk Road Map Silk Road Map http://www.silkroadproject.org/tabid/177/defaul.aspx THE END
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