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Amanda Gutterman

on 27 October 2014

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Transcript of Microsoft

Microsoft History
Advertisement Types:
: Company founded with the vision of "having a computer on every desktop and in every home."

: MS-DOS releases. It creates the foundation for computer programs.

: Introduces Windows 1.0. This is much more user-friendly as it uses a mouse instead of typing commands.

: Microsoft becomes largest PC software company based on its sales; Sued by Apple
Print Ads
: Microsoft reaches milestone by creating an advanced new operating system from scratch.

: Microsoft releases Windows 95. It is the most publicized launch the young company has taken on.
Microsoft bails out Apple

: M
icrosoft sued for being a monopoly

Microsoft found guilty of breaking Anti-Trust Laws; made to split company

Order to split overturned; original X Box released

: Bill Gates leave day job with Microsoft

: Windows 8 released with tiles

Major Developments
Logos Commercial
Microsoft Windows

Microsoft's primary program came to life in 1985, and continues to improve and evolve today.

Microsoft Office
: After acquiring the company that created PowerPoint in 1987, Microsoft released Office in 1990. It originally included Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

: While this search program is still years away from it's primary competitor, Google, Microsoft hopes Bing will eventually become the default browser.

: Microsoft has big plans to make voice and video calls more available to the average person in the coming years.

Billboard Ad
Ideal Customer
-Many different target audiences
Young Adults

Skype, Bing, Xbox, Windows 8,
New Internet Explorer, New Bing

Microsoft re-imagined its advertising before the launch of Windows 8 due to a decrease in stock for some of it's products.

At the time, Microsoft was accused of being boring when compared to Apple. Their original target consumers were the average household and the average workspace.

They wanted computers on every desk in America, and since they'd about achieved that, they changed their mission.
Media Presence
A recent study by Sysomos (a social media monitoring and analyitcs firm) showed that the Top 3 international companies based on media presence are Google, Apple, and Microsoft.

-Three competitors
-Excluded Twitter comments
-Only compared the top 20 companies
New Ad Campaign
-Microsoft originally targeted businesses
-They later targeted young adults

The new ad campaign will target up and coming small businesses created by young entrepreneurs.
*Billboard *Print Ad *Online Ad *Social Media
Print Ad
Social Perspective
-U.S. government sues Microsoft for being a monopoly.
Microsoft found guilty in April 2000.
--Proposed settlement after Judge Jackson was removed.

-Recently: Microsoft partnered with the NSA to allow surveillance.
--Originally denied allegations. Later stated that it only supplied information based on the governments demands.

Customers are beginning to lose trust in Microsoft.
Social Perspective
Product Appearance
-Originally wanted products to look professional, especially considering that businesses are such a large part of its market.

-Now Microsoft has been working on making it's new products appear both professional and fun.
*New Target Audience
*Universal Across All/Most Products
Building Appearance
-Buldings Appear Professional
-Cool Architecture-Following Footsteps of Apple & Google
**With a company as successful as Microsoft, there are many critical and many review articles for its products. None are included due to the excessively large amount.**
Social Media
Twitter Account
-Microsoft SBD = Microsoft Small Business Division
-Blue Background--Blue is Appealing
-Current Microsoft Logo
-Allow customers to easily contact Microsoft for support/help
-Allow customers to express their wants for future products
-Get the Microsoft Small Business Division name out
Target Audience
Young Adults because of the statistics below:

More than 90 percent of young adults own a computer.
Smartphone ownership by young adults reached 67 percent in February 2012, up from 39 percent in May 2011.3
Over 80 percent of young adults use social networking sites.
Microsoft started selling smartphones to compete with apple due to this statistic and the possible profit off of that product
This commercial is another one of Microsoft's comparison advertisements to other smartphones such as Apple. They also throw age into this commercial and making fun how older people don't know how to use smartphones like younger generations.
First Microsoft Mouse 1983
First Computer 1982 (Windows 1.0)
As generations grow older, Microsoft technology becomes easier for all to use.
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