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Antigone Photo Collage

Priscilla Hernandez

Priscilla Hernandez

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of Antigone Photo Collage

ANTIGONE CREON Creon is the king of Thebes and the brother of Oedipus. The tragic hero ruled the country according to his unwritten laws. What he says goes. OEDIPUS ISMENE "I, at least, beg those beneath the ground to forgive me, since I am coerced in this; I will obey those who are in power. It is senseless to overstep our bounds." Ismene tries to share the guilt with Antigone but Antigone refuses, telling her to stay out of this. Jocasta pierces and pins the baby's ankles together. This is why he is called Oedipus, meaning "swollen foot". Laius then instructed the chief shepherd to expose the baby on Mount Cithaeron. QUEEN JOCASTA How It Came To Be King Laius receives a prophecy from the oracle in Delphi which tells him that he must not have a child with his wife, or the child would kill him and marry his wife. Shepherd In Mount Cithaeron Lauis's shepherd felt sorry for the baby and gave him to another shepherd. He was the shepherd of the King Polybus. Seeing that King Polybus and his wife, Queen Merope of Corinth, did not have a child the shepherd gifted the child to them She wants to honor her brother Polyneices, and to do so she attempts to have a burial for him even though it has been forbidden. Polyneices Ismene is the sister of Antigone and of the twin brothers Eteocles and Polyneices. She therefore is the daughter of Theban King Oedipus and Queen Jocasta, and the niece of Theban King Creon. EURYDICE Eurydice was Creon's wife. Haemon was the son of Eurydice and Creon. He was engaged to Antigone. He loved Antigone even after she disobeyed his father. HAEMON KING LAIUS Oedipus Survives Ismene declares that she loves Polyneices, but she must follow Creon's commands. The Truth Unfolds After some time Oedipus learns that he is adopted and in order to clarify it he goes to the oracle at Delphi of The Prophecy and once again the same prophecy is told. But this time he believes that he is going to murder his adopted parents Polybus and marry Merope; therefore, he leaves. Oedipus is able to answer the riddle, and gets rid of the Sphinx. As a result, the people wish to reward him by making him their king. By the time he gets married to the queen, the second part of the prophesy is fulfilled as well. The Sphinx Queen Jocasta & Oedipus Eteocles Ismene Polyneices Antigone Polyneices is the twin brother of Eteocles, he's supposed to share the Theban throne. He is also the brother of Ismene and Antigone. His uncle Creon refuses to bury his body but Antigone goes against him. Antigone tries to convince Ismene to join her in carrying out their duty to their brother despite Creon's laws. Creon vs Haemon Haemon tries to convince Creon to free Antigone. However, dismissing her doesn't appeal to Creon as his stubbornness and ego gets in the way. TEIRESIAS The blind prophet, Teiresias warns Creon that he is about to make a terrible mistake by sentencing Antigone to death. "Stubbornness brings the charge of stupidity." Teiresias Death of Antigone Antigone commits suicide, because of her deep pain, by hanging herself with wires in the cave that she was imprisoned in. Death of Haemon and Eurydice When Haemon learns about Antigone's death, he stabs himself with his sword. Eurydice couldn't handle the loss of her son, she stabs herself too. Creon's misjudgment and excessive
pride leads to the death of his own
son and wife. He ends up regretting
his decisions and prays that he, too,
might die. Tragic Flaw The End... Despite Antigone, Ismene is realistic and loyal. She doesn't want to go against Creon's proclamations. Antigone&Ismene Eteocles is liked by Creon and is given a proper burial. Eteocles fought against Polyneices when Polyneices tried to take over Thebes. Polyneices is viewed as a traitor and is left for the voltures. Creon gives Eteocles a proper burial because he is viewed as the hero of Thebes. Creon charges Sentry to find the guilty one. When he finds out that it was Antigone, he puts her into a cave where she would spend the rest of her life, instead of executing her. Antigone feels as though that both of her brothers should have a respectable burial, because she believes so she goes against Creon's orders. Mount Cithaeron Fulfilling The Prophecy Before Oedipus was told the philosophy he is confronted by a man. This man and Oedipus get into a quarrel and the man is killed, little did Oedipus know that that was his biological father The Sphinx had been challenging the pedestrians with riddles, and if they didn't answer correctly it would kill and eat them. It had taken over Thebes and has caused a plague among the people. Ismene's loyalty is with the law, therefore,
she does not go against Creon's power.
She is realistic and loyal.
Because of this Antigone is forced to do it
by herself.
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