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Goth Rock

For instrumental music class. :)

La-Tavia Knowles

on 12 January 2013

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Transcript of Goth Rock

Musical Characteristics Gothic rock music has many layers to it that make it up because of the musical characteristics. Musical characteristics for Gothic rock are that it tends to have really dark atmosphere. It's sounds tends to be very deep and intense. Most of the time, the guitars tend to play loud and with a lot of aggression, because of the keyboards that are added in Gothic rock, it gives the music spooky texture and icy atmospherics. If there if one female vocalist and one male vocalist, the music is very eerie when the female vocalist sings. History Gothic rock originally started in the late 70's, springing from the ashes of punk rock. There is a huge difference between goth rock and punk rock. Punk rock music is about living in the moment, or in other words, having fun right now. Goth rock music is introspective drawings of diverse elements of history subculture, such as romanticism, Gothic horror, art, and science. Goth music focuses on personal growth and knowledge.

Goth rock bands mostly came from Britain, although some did come from the United States, such as Christian Death and Faith and the Muse. Gothic rock was first an attitude and remained that way during the 1990's. Instrumentation Instruments mostly used when playing Gothic rock are electric guitars, bass guitars, drums, drum machine, and the keyboard, for the spooky and icy texture. Gothic Rock Famous Artists By La-Tavia Gothic rock had many different kinds of bands during its time. Some of these amazing bands included The Cure, The Cult, Sisters of Mercy; who created the goth dance movement, Lacuna Coil, Paradise Lost, Theatre of Tragedy, and many more amazing artists. Bauhous was one of the first Gothic rock bands.
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