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RM Nis - Autumn 2013

Application for RM host for Autumn 2013

Tijana Zivic

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of RM Nis - Autumn 2013

Organizing event is like a journey and we would like to go on this journey with you! Regional Meeting Nis - Autumn 2013 Firstly,
let's introduce ourselves As you know, we are LBG Nis Let's talk about city... We already talked with owners, arranged everything, we are now just waiting for you to say: What about accommodation and food? We work hard... Then we party even harder Organizing RM In Autumn 2013... ... small One day we started dreaming about... So, with smiles on our faces we agreed to do it! It is also the birthplace of Constantine the Great, the first Christian Emperor and the founder of Constantinople. Nis is one of the oldest cities in the Balkans and Europe, and has from ancient times been considered a gateway between the East and the West This year we are celebrating 1700 years of Constantine's Edict of Milan Nis is a beautiful city in so many ways... We are well known for merak! Drinks Music Food Combination
of Do you wanna
taste it?! Allow us to present you our vision of the coolest RM ever When we want something, we'll do anything to have it!
YES, LET'S DO IT! Accommodation will be in hostel, and we have two possibilities: BEST Back Up BEST choise is also real one :) Hostel is in center of Nis. Only 350m away from main city square. Famous Niski kej (Nisava riverside) is 200m from hostel. People like to go there,
sit by the river, drink and play guitar.
We often do it after our meetings :) Let's take a look into the hostel... Rooms are very well equipped, nice and large Of course, hostel has Wireless Bathrooms are very well equipped, some are regular, some are really fancy... This is Back Up version, just to be safe. So, in case something goes wrong, we are always prepared :) Second hostel is further from city center It's about 2km from center, but bus station with a lot of lines and possibilities is very near. Let's take a look inside the hostel Hostel has two parts... New one, so called "business part" The other part, so called "older part" But, as you can see, both parts are really nice And of course, there is Wireless in each part This hostel also have conference room. So some sessions we could have there You worry about food in Nis? Seriously? Does Pljeskavica means anything to you? :) For lunch, we'll go to Students canteen, they serve great tasty food... For breakfast and dinner, we will have different kind of meals, among them traditional pie, burek, pljeskavica... And, of course, coffee breaks! We want our participants awake, smiling and focusing on sessions :) We want this event to be big, nice and fancy, soooo for official opening we have Official Hall of University of Nis Official opening will be in building of University of Nis, one of the oldest buildings here. University is also in center of Nis, near main square and by the river Nisava Don't worry, we didn't forget about the parties! We want to show you how people in Nis party! Prepare yourselves for IE that you will never forget (if you do everything right, you won't remember anything :P) Cantus for 60 people? Piece of cake! Don't believe it? Come and try it yourself! Let's talk about money Again, we have 2 budgets: BEST case
budget BackUp case budget 1. Night life in Nis
2. International evening
3. Cantus (Impossible? Not for us!) Most of the sessions will be at the Faculty of Electronic engineering. Students canteen is next to the Faculty, so going to lunch will be easy and fast. Topic NumOfPeople Quantity Price Sum
Accommodation 60 3 8 1440
Food 60 3 2.5 450
Coffee breaks 4 15 60
Materials 50 50
Unforeseen 100 100
Total 2100 BEST case budget Topic NumOfPeople Quantity Price Sum Accommodation 60 3 7 1260 Food 60 3 2 360 Coffee breaks 4 10 40 Materials 30 30 Unforeseen 100 100 ______________________________________________ Total 1690 BackUp case budget So expected amount for fee is around 35 euros. Both of the budgets are made for 60 people, so if that number changes, budget will be changed accordingly. Do you want to...
...explore Nis with us?
...enjoy pljeskavica?
...enjoy niski merak?
...participate in epic Cantus? If your answer is YES, then LBG Nis is right choice for you! See you in RM Nis in October! Of course we plan to FR and FoodR, and if we have any success, fee will be lower :)
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