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Business Plan presentation

Presentation to investors

Matthew Stewart

on 15 September 2010

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Transcript of Business Plan presentation

Giovanni's Presentation to investors Business Description Product and Market Analysis Executive Summary Operations Knowing the Market Pricing Strategy Finance Scheduling Summary Business Objectives Quality is at the frontier of Giovanni's operations

Giovanni's has set realistic and attainable goals

The firm's objectives expand through a variety of areas such as;
product development, finance, profitability, market and customer

A brief mention of some of Giovanni's goals:

Aims to break-even within first 6 months

Aims to penetrate the existing market signifcantly and,

The promotion of good corporate citizenship. Mission Statement Giovanni’s mission statement is founded on the pledge to;

‘Indulge customers with a divine, sensual and definitive European dining experience. In every aspect of the firm’s operation it is imperative that the quality of meals is flawless, ensuring that each and every customer has an experience that they will never forget and are more than willing to return for seconds!’ Vision, values and commitments We pledge commitment to our customers, demanding excellence on all frontiers of customer service. Our values are based and founded on our wealth of knowledge, commitment to quality, dedication to building networks of integrity and trust, and fostering culturally passionate cuisine. Welcome/Orientation The Concept (a brief overview) Staff and Customer relations Welcome potential investors, interested parties and financial intermediaries we would firstly like to take this opportunity to thank you for your presence and participation here today Giovanni’s is a concept honed on our prior experiences with European cuisine, and a thorough and vibrant interest in this exclusive and highly demanded field of dining. As an employer of choice and as an icon in both customer and staff relations, Giovanni’s will set its sights on dominating the hospitality industry and flourishing as a Café’ and restaurant alike. Market Research Competitve Analysis Customer Profile One Customer Profile Two Gantt Chart Short Term Long Term Giovanni's has established to main customer profiles through the use of both primary and secondary market research.
The two prominent means of obtaining data throughout this proposal have been:

surveying (Primary Research) and,

analysing existing statistics published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics from the 2006 Census data (Secondary Research). The first customer profile applies to the Café element of the firm. Giovanni’s has established this targeted customer profile to be;

men and women between the ages of twenty and forty, living within a close proximity to New Farm, earning an income exceeding $30,000 p.a.

These customers are expected to be vibrant, sociable and lively in their attitudes towards life as well as curious in and intrigued by European concepts.

These customers are expected to be conscious and have high expectations of cuisine whilst also seeking prestige and affordability.

The attracted customers are assumed to be frequent users of the firm, utilising it for its high quality products, competitive pricing, and friendly and welcoming environment. Secondly, Giovanni’s targets another customer group to cater for the needs of the restaurant, and the associated promotional activities involved with its operation. The firm will profile this market specifically to:

Australians with an interest in European concepts and cuisine or of European-descent. These customers are expected to be men and women; skewed slightly towards men, who are living within the inner-south Brisbane reigion.

These customers are expected to be earning in excess of $55,000 p.a. and are expected to be vibrant, lively and loud patrons with a strong lenience towards family and socialisation.

The customers are assumed to have high expectations with the quality of meals and the service that is provided and are expected to return to the firm frequently if they are satisfied with their meals. The results of inquires have found that the firm’s prominent, and most threatening competitors include firms such as; Luxe Bar, James Street Bistro, Confit Bistro and Vroom Bistro Bar.

Some strategies that Giovanni’s will utilise to minimise these competitive advantages include; targeting a niche’ and exclusive market by offering unique and inimitable products to customers.

Also, through this investigation of competitors, Giovanni’s has found that by using a penetration pricing mechanism in the market, the firm has the potential to penetrate the competitors market base, and begin flourishing through initial operations. i.e Where do we go from here? If the firm is successful in obtaining finance, its short term pursuits will lead it to enter into leasing agreements real estate firm in James Street, New Farm.

This new and thriving location can offer the firm stability, a promising future outlook on growth and a highly consumption-oriented market location. In the long term, Giovanni’s sights are set on seeking expansion and further product development.

By seeking further opportunities through either franchising or expansion the firm can work towards achieving its goals of dominance in the market, higher returns on investment and profit, and sustainable and secure growth. European Cuisine Monthly Themes
Ambience Giovanni’s products are fine European cuisine dishes, including all main meals, entrees and desserts from various parts of Europe predominately Italy, Greece and Hungary. Each individual meal has a special aspect of it, depending on the themed month. For example, Greek months may include succulent, grilled haloumi cheese as a side on the main meal. Our products will be optimised to the fullest potential, to offer a unique, vibrant one of kind European dining experience, for every customer. Production Technology Giovanni’s embodies a high standard of production technology into its products and production systems. As the firm’s commitment to quality and its customers is at the forefront of its operations; Giovanni’s will constantly revaluate and readjust the operations of its facility as it is required. Inputs/Outputs As a newly formed innovative Restaurant/Café, Giovanni’s products will be relatively new to the existing market; thus, the firm’s produces will commence the product life cycle with the induction of the firm into the market place. Product life-cycle Initial Penetration Expansionary Activities Maturity and Profitability After the initial stages of the firm have surpassed - and the firm is beginning to move towards expansion of its operations - prices will be slightly marked-up so that profits are increased. From this period onwards the firm will seek to implement a premium pricing policy so that it may now maximise its profitability substantially. In order for Giovanni’s to attract and retain a large number of customers, the firm must operate within a very competitive pricing strategy. With this in consideration, Giovanni’s – throughout initial operation- will operate with a penetrating pricing policy. Finally, as the firm reaches the maturity stage of its life-cycle management will now seek further prospects in franchising, expansion and product development to ensure that demand remains constant as the firm now begins its profiteering regime in the market. On behalf of Giovanni's We wish to thank investors for their particpation today Financial Statements Break-even Analysis Required Funding Giovanni's is requesting an investment of $50,000. Security, profitability and innovation As Giovanni’s will be required to sell exactly 17070 units in order to Break-even. Within the firm’s initial 6 months of operations; the sales forecast is to have sold 17070 units and thus, breaking even. (This is based on the average selling price of $21per meal). Fixed costs will equate to 29958 dollars, with variable equalling $23700 at breakeven. A brief overview of the firm's financial position Ultimately, Giovanni’s aims to open its doors on the 10th of November, after all areas of the firm’s operations have completed, staff have been trained, products have be trialled and developed, and all legal and business administration matters have been settled.
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