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Kelsey Oprean

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Lebanon Duluth LEBANON
Music and the Power of Blood By
Ann, Ariana, Brittany, and Kelsey BLEND Civil War French Rule - History and background
- Blend
- The Kordz
- Rise Against An Introduction to Lebanese Metal Music - French Colonial Rule
- Lebanese Civil War
- The "Cedar Spring"
- Israeli Occupation & Israel-Hezbollah War After WWI and the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, Lebanon was assigned to the French under the mandate of Syria Independence was gained in 1943 with Beirut named as the capital France established Lebanon under the Eastern Catholic Church (Maronite) Civil war broke out in 1975 and ended in 1990 Tensions between the Maronite and Muslim populations as well as other demographics in the country

Syrian intervention in 1976 and Israeli intervention in 1982 The Taif Agreement was signed in 1989 to end the civil war and return Lebanon to a political normalcy Alternative Rock/ Post-Grunge sound Sing in English with influences from Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Radiohead The band met and formed while studying at the American University of Beirut. First “anglo” style rock band ever signed to a major international record label (EMI) in the Middle East. BLEND The Kordz

One of the biggest rock bands in Lebanon and the Middle East Formed in 1992 Influenced by Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and Deep Purple Israeli Occupation and the Israel-Hezbollah War The Kordz Blend traditional Arabic music with more western sounds Save Us Don't hold me down,
leave your prejudice behind
So you'll save us
Don't hate us
Same stories live on
While the fighting still goes on
So don't hate us
Or break us Rise Against Chicago Songs are about social problems, politics, change, love, and acceptance Formed in 1999
No drinking, drugs, or meat
-All members of the band are Vegetarian
PETA and Animal Rights activists
Political activists

Songs about politics, animals, human rights, and the environment The Cedar Spring Moe Hamzeh, Nadim Sioufi, Mazen Siblini, Abou Sous, Alan Azar, and Nadim Abou Chakra are the current members Israel intervened in the Lebanese civil war in 1982 in "Operation Peace for Galilee" Goal was to rid the Syrian Army, the PLO, and other leftist Lebanese militia groups Israel withdrew from Lebanon in 2002 The Israeli-Hezbollah war broke out in the summer of 2006 Military conflict zones Conflict between Lebanese Hezbollah and the Israeli military "Don't shut her down she's my only friend
She who don't lie, she who don't pretend
My brothers turned their back on me
Busy fighting for their fucked up beliefs
Where do I belong...
What I should be missing"
-Belong Songs are about personal and political, and the anxieties young people feel post civil war. Top Hit "Belong" deals with the post-civil-war generation’s search for identity in the midst of the continued conflict and growing sectarian and class divisions. Songs are overall symbolic of post-civil war feelings. Things to Watch for: Resources http://www.reverbnation.com/thekordz https://now.mmedia.me/lb/en/reportsfeatures/_striking_the_right_kordz -Gas prices
-war Crimes
-Hurricane Katrina
-Foreclose homes
-Gay marriage Inequality
-Immigration Lyrics: Identities assume us
As nine and five add up
Synchronizing watches
To the seconds that we lost I brought down the sky for you but all you did was shrug
You gave my emptiness a name
Then you ran away https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/geos/le.html http://www.sing365.com/music/lyric.nsf/Audience-Of-One-lyrics-Rise-Against/D5752316F16C3BE848257505000D6A3A http://www.riseagainst.com/activism/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rise_Against Chain of political demonstrations mainly in Beirut to protest the assassination of Rafiq Hariri More than 1 million citizens joined in the protests to rid their country of Syrian occupation Through the peaceful protests, pressure on Syria to withdraw increased, causing inspiration and a sense of community and willingness to move toward democracy First peaceful grassroots democratic movement in the MENA http://www.elsewhere.co.nz/absoluteelsewhere/2094/blend-the-lebanese-rock-band-interviewed-2004-hard-rock-at-the-flashpoint/
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