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No description

Amirah Thompson

on 27 April 2015

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Transcript of GIRLZ MAGAZINE

Owned by Hearst Corporation – Seventeen, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan and others
Educational/Entertainment Consumer Magazine
Owned by Hearst Corporation – Seventeen, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan and others
Educational/Entertainment Consumer Magazine
Spirit/Tone – Upbeat, Helpful, Fashionable, Age Appropriate
Selective Ad Space

Competitive Activitty
Highlights - kids, reading, learning, thinking, puzzles and games, interacts mind and encourages creativity.
Appleseeds – ages 7-10, attractive photos/articles, activities, games, recipes, free of advertising, subscription is available at $40 or $4.53/issue.
National Geographic Kids - 6 and older, fun, photos, facts, method of exploring, science, animals, technology, subscription $24 or $2.40/issue
American Girl - girls ages 8-12, planning parties, sleepovers, projects, advice columns, quizzes.
J-14 - teen celeb magazine, posters, real-life stories, horoscopes, TV, video, music news/ subscription $16.95 or $1.69/issue

A magazine focuses on education, entertainment and bridges the gap between childhood and teen publications
Reach the 9-14 audience
Appeal to both parents and their children
Create brand awareness
Support the marketing efforts
Generate trial and readership

Strategies - Newsstand
Provide incentive programs
Collaborate with celebrity figures/spokesperson
Repeat purchase

Strategies – Mobile App
Create trial
Create interest through social media programs
Build customer database
Email Marketing ( parents only)
Continuity programs
Connect to target market – Facebook, Twitter, Website, Instagram

Tactics – Mobile App
Create YouTube channel with tutorials of DIY projects and kids their age talking about different movies/books that they like
Girlzmagazine.com - Online quizzes and a space for readers to write to the editors, contests,
Send E-mails to subscribers of Seventeen Magazine to inform them of this new publication
Offer a free limited version of the online magazine

Role of Promotoin
To communicate that we are the best magazine brand for pre-teen girls in the United States. Encourage parents and their children to subscribe to the magazine.

Tactics – Newsstand
Team up with a current successful publication, Seventeen, to promote the product
First issue Girlz will be inside Seventeen August issue as a bonus pack
Combine offer this magazine with Redbook magazine
Use cover stars that appeal to both parents and pre-teens
Direct mail
Year subscription – free tote bag
and one month free online

Ramanda Epps
Taylor Burton
Amirah Thompson
Theodora Hennessy
Taylor Brooks

Facebook Fan Page
Twitter Fan Page
Social Media
Facebook Page
Twitter Page
Communications Priorities
To gain notoriety in the correct target market of parents and their young daughters
To get across the idea to parents that this magazine is the appropriate choice for children in the correct target market
Ensure that the parents and children are informed of both the print edition and the app

Executional Details
As a small version of the magazine will be given out in Seventeen magazine, this will get the audience exposed to Girlz before it is on sale on newsstands
Launching the magazine before the school year starts will help out, as this is an important time for advertising
Ensure that the print and online version are ready at the same time
Inform new readers about the different contests in the beginning in order to acquire and retain readership

Social media (free) (Youtube, Instagram, etc.)
Facebook page (free) and ads ($5-$10)
Website - $2,500-5,000
App - $24,500 estimate
Search Engine Optimization – $15,000 estimate
Newsstand – $3.99/issue,$19/yearly subscription
App - $2.99
Contests - $75,000/year estimate

Timing /Scheduluing
August – First issue, back to school.
Twice a year: Contest
First Contest: Be featured on cover of magazine with celebrity (2 winners – must be subscribers)
Second Contest: Win a 3-day trip to Disney World. (Includes flight, hotel, park tickets and meals)
Online promotion year round

Target Market
Pre-teen girls between the ages of 9-14 and their parents

Parents vs Pre-teens
We will advertise differently between the parents and the pre-teens
We will use for the parents email marketing and adult magazines such as Redbook, Marie Claire and etc
The pre-teens we will use certain social media platforms, age appropriate websites and tv channels
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